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Car runs / always ran 100%.

CEL came on 2 weeks ago; code P0172 (lean); mechanic changed PCV. Code cleared, CEL came back 3 days later. Now code was P0175 (rich); he found a vacuum leak, replaced the hose, cleared the codes by taking off battery leads.

2 days later, code came back. He told me to drive it to see if it will reset itself after car 'learns.' 5 days driving, it didn't learn. Last weekend stalled on the highway after foot off gas. Rough idle after restart as well. Stalled almost every every other stoplight until I got it to him again. He took off throttle body (which was filthy he said) cleared codes with battery again.

Rough idle gone. Stalling gone. Car seems 100% again.

That was last night. Light CAME BACK ON this morning after about 15 miles.

ANY CLUES?? I'm pulling out my hair here...
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