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I've got a 2009 XC90 3.2 with AC issues I wonder if I could get some advice on, as I'm only just learning AC by necessity!

Not blowing cold air after a full evac and refill to 2.2lb spec. Immediately after the refill it might have blown cooler, but that might have been wishful thinking. The next day (after not driving for 12+ hours) I hooked up manifold gauges and got 0psi low, 75psi high. After driving to the store I had my wife hold 2000rpm with the engine warm and was reading 18 low, 125-150 high (it started at 125 and slowly crept up as throttle was held. But never noticeably cycled.) It was quite humid out (had just rained in Indiana) and the low side lines were visibly accruing condensation.

I suspected/hoped the compressor solenoid might be the issue, and from what I gather a classic sign of that is that it unsticks after the engine's been warm for a while and the casing has expanded a bit. So I stuck a thermal probe in the middle vent and drove 45 minutes on the freeway this morning. The ambient temp was 68-71 during the drive, and I had the AC off and blower fan on low for the first 30 minutes. Measured temp was stable at 74 after 30 minutes, at which point I turned the AC on. Upon doing so the measured temp slowly inched down, dropping 15 degrees over about 10 minutes to finally wind up pretty stable at 10 degrees under ambient (as the ambient temp fluctuated a few degrees +/-. So measured temp was around 60). Pretty much as soon as we got off the freeway though the measured temp started going back up, despite us being in a shaded parking garage, until after a few minutes it matched the ambient temp.

Any time I've checked the static pressure it has not been equalized (or anywhere near equalized). At this point I'm suspecting the expansion valve rather than the control valve - does that make sense to others?

And assuming it does, how much of a pita is it to get at the expansion valve - it looks like it's behind the firewall? Thanks much!
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