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Hey guys!
Selling my 2009 C30. Automatic 2.5 T5

I've had it for about a year and a half now, bought it at 93k in June of '14. Hasn't really had any problems for me. Full synthetic oil, just changed the spark plugs & air filter less than a month ago
Runs well, no known issues. It's been a great car for me, but I have other cars available to me and I'd rather have the money.

Previous owner must have lived on a gravel road or something, there were a number of stone chips on the front. I had them touched up when I bought it, but still doesn't look great up close.
Heated seats

The Arrakis wheels on it don't have the sensors in them (they came with tires so I didn't bother dismounting to install them) so it gives the TPMS maintenance warning whenever it starts up. Two of the stock Mestras were bent, which made the ride wonky so I swapped them out. Still have them, so the sensors are included.
Cooper Grand Touring tires, 225/50/17. Not great tread but still have a little life.

I'll add some more pictures in a day or two.
I'm located about halfway between Cleveland and Columbus.
$9700. ]
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