I am looking to sell my S40. I am the second owner, and I've had it since 2012. This S40 is so very loved, and I am so sad to have to let him go. I recently purchased an XC40. I had plans to still use my S40 mostly b/c i can't stand the thought of it not being taken care of the way I would, but I just no longer have the space.

The car has typical wear and tear, but not for a car from 2009. The engine, the transmission, everything is in great shape, and he runs really well. This car has NEVER used anything less than PREMIUM fuel and synthetic oil. All regular maintenance was performed at Volvo. Other issues, like suspension, or brakes were done at one of Toronto's best Volvo mechanic shops.

The one thing that will need to be addressed is the steering rack. There is a split in one of the boots, and there is a very slow leak. I use Lucas once every 2 months to keep it at bay and have been driving it as is for the past year.. No issues.

I upgraded to LED headlights so there is a light bulb failure warning that will flash on the dash. Turn signals are all LED as well. Those dont trigger the warning light though.

Wheels are IPD replica R Pegusus wheels. They are showing their age aesthetically for sure, but they are all round and true. No warps or bends. The driver seat cloth is torn and worn. Other than that eyesore, the interior is near perfect. no other tears or burns. I'm a non smoker. The front grill was replaced with a 2011 version. Tints are perfect all the way around.

all windows work, radio works, except for AM for some reason. There is an AUX connector in the centre console you can use for your blu tooth devices. Anyway, photos below were taken about a week ago.

I'm looking to sell to someone that will use him, not tear him apart. I have an emotional connection to the car, and if I had the space and the funds, I'd just fix what needs fixing and keep it forever.

428,000kms (mainly highway, only premium fuel, starts and runs excellent)
slate grey
A/C works
small rust spot starting above front windshield
rear bumper has some paint damage.
4 good summer tires, just over 2 seasons on them
sold with 4 good winter tires on good steel wheels. at least 2 more seasons left on them

Any questions or offers, please email [email protected] as I'm not on the forum often.