I posted this in the V8s thread, but it was approved for it's own classified post as well.

2008 XC90 V8 Executive (Lite) being sold a parts or project car, as the amount of work to get this back to stage 0 is going to cost us more than we want for a commuter car at this point. We've purchased another vehicle in the meantime, so it's unfortunately time to say goodbye to what's been my favorite vehicle over the last 25 years of driving, and free up the garage space.

Below sections include Original Equipment, current Add-ons / Upgrades, Extra Parts that are part of the purchase, Work Recently Completed on the vehicle, and below that, the actual Work Currently Needed on the vehicle:

This XC90 was a California car until 2016 (no winter driving) and was originally purchased with 60k miles, now residing in central Maryland. I've used it as my daily driver (highway miles) from 60k through the current 244k miles, driving about 100 miles per day to and from work. Garage kept for the life of the vehicle with oil changes (Castrol Magnatec Full Synthetic) and Mahle air filters at 7k intervals, transmission fluid (Mobil 3309 ATF) changes every 30k miles, and rarely driven in inclement winter weather to avoid road salt. I've put a lot of money into upgrades over the years, and would prefer it go to someone with a little DIY time and a garage, vs. just selling it to a shop for a pittance.

Original Equipment

HID Xenon Headlights w/ Headlight Washers
Heated Front Seats
Folding Mirrors
7 Seats / Rear AC
Power Moonroof
DynAudio Performance Audio (Premium Audio Upgrade Details Below)
No OEM RSE, BLIS, or Ventilated Seats

Add-Ons / Upgrades

Volvo DICE Scanner and V1DA Disc / 2014D
Volvo Vulcanis (two-tone painted version) 19" wheels
255/55/19 Continental Terrain Contact A/T Tires (good tread)
Upgraded OEM Volvo Rear LED Lights (Dealer Installed)
Upgraded 2011+ OEM Volvo LED Fog Lights (Dealer Installed)
Updated New Volvo OEM Front Grille (2010+ Style)
OEM Volvo Auxiliary Lighting Kit (Part 30772053) with OEM interior switch
IPD Front and Rear Anti-Sway Bar Kit
IPD Front Strut Mount Conversion Kit
Legend Audio Head Unit Upgrade (Android) w/ 1080p Reverse Camera, Bluetooth, and 4G SIM Port
Upgraded DynAudio (Gen 1 Premium) Speakers x 8 and 130w x 5 Class D OEM Volvo Amplifier Upgrade
Dynamat [Extreme] sound deadening installed in all four doors
Volvo OEM Crossbars
Volvo OEM Roof Luggage Carrier / Safeguard Slat Kit (rubber roof ridges)
Draw-Tite Class III 2" Receiver Hitch with OEM Rubber Volvo Cover Plate
Bilstein B4 Front/Rear Struts
Rear Struts and Springs converted from OEM Nivomat to standard Bilstein B4 Strut/Spring (Volvo VOL-31329367 Springs)
Borla XR-1 center Muffler with Manual Exhaust cut-out and cap (OEM rear muffler in place)
Volvo OEM Winter Floor Mats
Volvo OEM Rear Cargo Left/Right Pocket Nets and Rear Cargo Winter Mats
New (2022) AGM H8 900CCA Vehicle Battery
Mirror covers replaced with new matching OEM "Brilliant Silver" covers
Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve / Volvo Oil Filter Wrench
OEM Chrome B Pillar Exterior Caps Replaced with new OEM black

Extra Parts

OEM Volvo 2008 Rear Lights
OEM Volvo 2008 Front Grille
New Rear Brake Pads (Akebono AKE-EUR1412)
New Rear Rotors (Zimmerman ZIM-610370820)
New AC Blower Motor and Resistor (purchased just in case) MAH-AB22000P / MAH-ABR35000P
OEM Exhaust Resonator (removed)
OEM Executive Floor Mats (unused)
OEM Front Bumper Bar (black plastic)
OEM Head Unit (removed for Legend Audio Install)
OEM Lower Control Arms
OEM Rear Catalytic Converter (good, but swapped out at 230k)
Engine Sub-frame Bushing Kit (Motor Mounts x 4)
OEM Vehicle Manuals

Work Recently Completed

New Ignition Coils, Plugs, and Wires last replaced in 2022 (230k miles)
Rear Shocks / Springs, End Links, and Bushings replaced in 2020 (210k miles)
Power Steering Reservoir replaced with new OEM (2022)
Headlight Leveling Motors Replaced with OEM (2021)
Lower Control Arms, Front Struts, Bearing Plates/Spring Seats, and Ball Joints replaced in 2019 (175k miles)
Alternator w/ heat shield and Power Steering Pump / Tensioner / Belts last replaced in 2017 by Volvo shop (125k miles)
Interior seats and headliner are in great shape, as I rarely had passengers over the 7 years of ownership.

Work Currently Needed

The current work needed for the vehicle has been confirmed by two different Volvo shops in the MD/Washington DC area, and most of the cost is labor related as you can imagine. I have the paid inspection and diagnosis sheets from both shops available and scanned if needed.

Water Pump / Thermostat (coolant leak)
Valve Cover Gaskets
Front Motor Mounts (finally done in by the leaking VCG)
Power Steering Pump and Alternator (estimated based on current mileage)
Angle Gear Coupling / Sleeve

If interested (or if you know of an interested party), please contact me through Swedespeed and we can also chat over the phone. Previous forum posts are available for more details on the vehicle as needed. Vehicle can be driven short distances for loading, but would need to be transported via trailer due to the current coolant leak - Location is 45 minutes north of Washington D.C.

I've attempted to list mostly current unstaged images of the vehicle, as potential buyers will want to see what the vehicle actually looks like, vs. my usual Volvo glamour shots. The image account used for posting Swedespeed images linked to forum posts over the years can be found here: Spitze

Additional information and photos are available as needed: