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Former user name was Targa71, just rejoined again after email address change, lost password, etc. UPDATE; my 2008 V8 Sport Pkg now with me for 9 years, has 101,000 miles and going strong. Mods which I have added over last 3 years; removed rear exhaust in favor of stainless straight pipes with chrome quad tips installed, sport pedals, R- steering wheel, after-market wheels with Volvo center caps mounted to upsized 245/45/18 tires all around and will be having a OEM rear lip spoiler painted and installed later this summer.

Last (maybe) mod will be Vogtlandt lowering springs; $200 for the set from a supplier in SD, CA area shipped. I am a little concerned about the 1.4" drop while dealing with road conditions in NE OH, but with the taller profile tiles, the car just looks too high for my taste @ the moment.

Daily driver for me with more use lately as I have disposed of some other vehicles. Bulletproof reliability so far. TASCA has been my parts source for various trim and other components which I chose to replace including the cupholder sliding "blind" and rubber gasket. Recently took apart the console to replace these parts which had failed. While at it, re-torqued all the fasteners to eliminate some squeeks and rattles which has developed and added some foam material between plastic panels to reduce rubbing. The car has ALWAYS been dealer serviced, but may be switching over to indi whom left the dealer one year ago . I will get images posted.

Good to be back.

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