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I have a 2008 C30 2.0 (MT, sport suspension)

Looks like I need (2?) new tires, and I'd like to benefit from some of the collective wisdom here.

Brought my car in as a (rear) tire was losing pressure. Tire place can't even put the tire back on because the tire is so damaged due to alignment issue, most likely. So am running on the spare, for the day. (inside quarter inch of the tire was simply "gone" - worn down by a 1/4 inch or so)

The front tires are fine, however (Toyo Proxies, I think - need to walk outside and doublecheck)

I am running the Atreus 7.5x18 inch

Tire place recommends 2 of the following (215/45R18):
Sumitomo HTR !/S P01 (@$132)(grip)
Yokohama Avid Envigor (@$159) (comfort)
Falken 21EX 2E-912 (@$140)
Dunlop Fierce Instinct 2R (@$166)

I'll go back and review this and other threads, but any advice would be appreciated.

I live in SF Bay Area, and this car does not go to Tahoe.
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