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Hii this is a strange one
My wife’s xc90 w 100k is having this weird sunroof problem.
The thing only works on a hot day and if left open it won’t close when it’s cool.

what could possibly be causing this?

siren is fine

no noise from motor when switch is pressed

fuses are ok

Connection to the sunroof motor control is ok

reseting procedure attempted without success

manually locking and unlocking the car from the outside w the key did nothing

pressing the drivers side door lock button only turned auto lock on and off, windows do not close.

sunroof stuck fully open, any insight is appreciated.

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2014 XC90 3.2L
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"reseting procedure attempted without success" - what is the reset procedure?

Do you have any codes from VIDA you could share? That would be a good start.
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