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Hello! Im hoping someone can provide some help on an issue Im having with my 2007 xc70..here it goes:

When the car is started (cold start) it will immediately go to idle speed (approx. 650rpm) instead of the usual warmup speed (approx. 1500rpm to 1000rpm then to idle)..and it will do this intermittently (maybe for every 10 cold starts 4 or 5 starts will be like this), in addition the idle seems to be slightly rougher, and sometimes it will sort of stumble during idle. the CEL light is on and it returns a po101 code, however the CEL comes on and goes away for a few days. What I have had done so far:

1. MAF unit replaced with OEM Bosch unit
2. Throttle body has been cleaned
3. Smoke test has been done 2 or 3 times, few leaks were discovered, offending hoses replaced
4. This is possibly unrelated but done recently: Fuel pressure sensor was replaced (had high fuel pressure code come up recently but after original issue was occurring)

Even bought car to dealer a couple of times and they werent sure where the problem is originating from, they suggested replacing throttle body, but car does run fine at regular & highway speed..just seems to have this issue at idle. So Im wondering if anybody here has had a similar issue and maybe figured out what was the root cause. Thanks very much for any help anyone can provide! :)
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