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I'm not getting clear answers from any of the dealers in the area we're moving to. 3/4 dealers didn't knowabout military sales, but offered $2000-3000 off of MSRP and no discount on packages

I was just told by the toll free number to OSD help that if you order a pre-made car at the factory, the package is free, or only $595 if built to your needs. Can anyone confirm this? If we wanted to wait for a 2007, when could we order and how soon should we? I was told May by our dealer overseas.

Any recommendations for someone framiliar with military sales on the East coast of the U.S.? We don't want to take the car in Italy, but want it shipped directly to our next base in the U.S.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Re: 2007, when to order and from who? (CindyInItaly)

Volvo does have a military sales program through Overseas Delivery, OSD as we call it. We can arrange shipment anywhere in the US for returning military personel....so you have come to the right place! Where are you coming from and more importantly...when will you be home?
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