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This car is in great shapes - it looks and drives great. Has had tons of work done to it and just passed inspection. I'm listing this as well as my other car (2006 Volvo S40 T5 AWD manual with some performance modifications) and seeing which sells first - it's too difficult to decide which to keep. I will let you decide! Reasonable offers welcome!

S40 listed here: https://forums.swedespeed.com/showthread.php?606737-2006-S40-T5-AWD-MT-Gray-182k-KMs-Ontario

Turbo 5 cylinder with 227 horsepower, all wheel drive, 6 speed manual, need I say more? Amazing practicality with a huge trunk, and incredibly comfortable for long road trips. Great in winter and wet weather.

Asking for $8000, open to reasonable offers.

VIN is: YV1MJ682X72329658

I am into this car for about $9500. I blew the budget so that you don't have to. Lots of preventative maintenance items done as well as some items that had to be addressed. It just passed the Ontario safety test last week, so that certainly won't be an issue. Photos are taken without cleaning - it will be cleaned inside and out.

Body: 8.5/10 - impeccable save for a couple of paint chips and minor scuffs on the rear hatch
Interior: 8/10 - very good condition, except for some minor damage on the door cards
Mechanicals: 8/10 - minor issues listed below
Electricals: 9.5/10 - no issues whatsoever

- Premium sound (this sound system is amazing)
- Leather interior
- Xenon headlights (way better than the basic halogens)
- Cold climate package
- Zaurak wheels

Recently fixed:
- Brand new tires, mud and snow rated
- Brand new Volvo OE roof rails and roof rack (cross bars)
- Brand new battery with 4 year warranty
- Brand new Zimmerman front brake rotors (I'd say these are better than Volvo OE)
- Brand new Volvo OE passenger side motor mount (common point of failure)
- The exhaust manifold gasket was leaking when I got the car - this turned into me having to remove the cylinder head, so all seals and gaskets have been replaced with Volvo OE parts, plus fresh coolant and oil (Castrol synthetic)
- Brand new Volvo OE timing belt and auxiliary belts
- Brand new spark plugs
- One brand new front wheel bearing, other front was recently replaced by previous owner
- New Volvo OE PCV / oil filter housing which is a common point of failure on these cars and can cause major issues
- New Volvo OE turbo control valve which is a common point of failure and causes poor performance when bad
- New Volvo OE windshield (was cracked when I got the car)
- Used low mileage starter motor from another of the same model
- New flex pipe installed in exhaust system - won't leak for the rest of the car's life
- One brand new OEM coil pack

Minor issues which may be fixed by the time you purchase it:
- Could use an alignment
- Small vibration from front right wheel at 70km/h - likely an unbalanced wheel, will have the shop that installed the tires check this
- Needs a new front oxygen sensor ($150) - the heater circuit is broken, so it still works but just takes a bit longer to warm up for peak efficiency. Barely an issue.
- The screens show words in French, but this can be changed by any Volvo dealer

Photos below.

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Price reduced to $6500. That's under $5000 USD for those in the US near the Canadian border!

Crankshaft position sensor has been replaced with new OEM replacement.

I should also mention that the front bumper has not been drilled for the license place frame. It is affixed using the same adhesive used for badging. It looks mighty fine without a front plate if that's allowed where you're from!
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