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Good afternoon, I believe this might be the best place to post this. So, I'm doing an out of province inspection on a 2007 V70R and the front struts need replacing as they are leaking. Halfway into the job I realize that I need to calibrate them. I understand I need VIDA / DICE to accomplish this... or do I? I'm 200km away from a Volvo dealer and have the following on hand:

I have a regular OBDII to usb cable and VCDS (Volkswagen - OBD to USB too). Is there any way that I can get the software and use either of these cables?

I was reading on the volvo side that you can buy a 3 day liscence but is pretty vague in the hardware options. It seems like it's an ethernet to OBD.

Long story short, what do I need to be able to calibrate these new struts? I have a windows 10 computer with the previously mentioned hardware on hand.

Thanks in advance.
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