Sending out feelers for anyone interested in a well-maintained and unique Volvo v50. I’ll be posting this to Craigslist soon but wanted to give all you wonderful folks first crack at it.

I’m the second owner of this rare example of a Volvo V50 and have loved every moment of ownership. I purchased it in early 2018 and have since put a little under 40,000 miles on it. However, needs change and I’d really like a smaller car with a manual, so I’m making the tough decision to let this one go. My loss is your gain! I really want this car to go to a good home where it will be appreciated and cared for.

First thing you’ll notice about this particular vehicle is that it doesn’t look like many v50’s out there. It’s sporting (drumroll please…) the dynamic trim package all the way around. This includes more aggressive sideskirts, a spoiler, a unique front and rear bumper, aluminum accents throughout the car. Very few examples with these kits are still available and in good condition.

This car has had several minor modifications performed by its previous owner, who babied it; I’ve been more than happy with the way it drives, and haven’t wanted to make any changes that would impact reliability or compromise it’s versatility as a daily driver. It currently has just under 149,000 miles on it, and is coated in Ice-white factory paint that has regularly been hand-washed - no automated car washes here! Fully kitted out with the premium package, leather interior, and premium audio.

The modifications made by the previous owner are as follows:
  • Front and rear sway bars - corners beautifully
  • IPD Intake
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Lowered 1.5” in front, 1” in back on Eibach springs
  • ”Stage .5” tune done by Rob of ARD tuning - the previous owner was a personal friend of his and just wanted it to have a little more linear power and low end torque. Extremely mild.
  • R-Design Steering wheel
  • R-Design door locks
  • Slight ceramic window tint
  • Carbon fiber colored roof wrap
  • Debadged except for “Volvo” on back

This car was purchased from its first owner in Oregon, where it was driven by the wife of an auto detailer and well cared for. I’ve done my best to continue this trend, with oil changes every 3,000 miles and regular preventative maintenance. This has been my commuter, and the vast majority of the ~38,000 miles I have put on it have been freeway miles. This car has never been autocrossed or raced. This has been my daily and I’ve worked hard to take care of it.

Almost all maintenance has been performed by Europa Auto of Bellevue. They do a fantastic job and specialize in Volvos and Saabs.

First and most importantly: the two biggest issues regularly found in the P1 platform have been fixed.

Sunroof Drain:
Shortly after buying I replaced the sunroof drain hoses, meaning that the dreaded sunroof issues shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve had this car parked outside in the rain numerous times and have yet to see any evidence of a leak.

PCV System:
After noticing a whistling and increased oil use, I had the PCV breather system replaced. This can be exceedingly expensive if left unchecked, and is a noted weak point of these cars. The timing belt was also replaced at this time as preventative maintenance and out of an abundance of caution.

I’ve got a long list of parts that have been preemptively replaced to keep this wagon on top shape: Bushings, control arms, drive, serpentine, expansion tank, and timing belts. Thermostat has also been replaced. Transmission and brake fluid have been flushed and replaced. There’s plenty more that I’ve done that I’m happy to list out - I’ve worked hard to keep this car in top shape. I’m happy to give a more complete list of work done on the car, I have full documentation as pertains to my ownership. Just ask!

Now, this is a 16 year old car, and as such it’s not in perfect condition. Cons are as follows:
  • one accident: front-end collision in 2022 at less than 10 miles per hour, no airbags deployed and minimal damage. Fully repaired at a local shop with full documentation, clear title retained
  • Slight rattle from sunroof area that can be heard occasionally - been told it’s not an issue that affects operation or chance of a leak. It’s just a little annoying. Multiple threads on here about how to fix this, just haven’t done it yet.
  • Seats are worn, driver’s seat could use a new foam pad. No rips in leather, leather conditioner has been used periodically on all seats.
  • Slight vibration at high speeds - axles are getting a little worn
  • Passenger door speaker rattles at high volume
  • Been told that the angle gear will need to be replaced in the next 20-30k miles
  • Been told that the battery will eventually need to be replaced, but haven’t had any problems with it yet
  • One fog light is out

Other than and even with these issues, the car drives like a dream. It’s peppy, understated, and unique. I take it up the pass to Snoqualmie regularly and would not hesitate to take it across the country. It’s been a terrific car and I know whoever gets this will love it. I’m hoping to get $10,000 for it considering the rarity and generally excellent condition it is in, but shoot me an offer - I’m motivated to sell and the worst I can say is no. Inclusion of extra wheels with Blizzaks negotiable. Located in Washington state near Issaquah. VIN number is YV1MJ682272280861.

Over the next couple days I’ll add a more comprehensive list of maintenance done, and interior and engine bay pictures will be added soon! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.