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I am purchasing an S80 and one small issue I have found is a problem with the exterior trunk release located underneath the trunk lid lip in the rear of the car. There is a hole where the rubber covered trunk release switch is normally located. I can feel the rubber covered portion of the switch loose inside the hole. I can touch a micro switch that remains in place and can still open the trunk. Apparently from what I can figure out there is a mechanical part of the switch that is covered by the rubber cover you normally feel when opening the trunk; that portion engages the microswitch to complete the momentary circuit that triggers the solenoid and opens the trunk. I would like to try to repair this if possible due to the cost. The replacement panel (which I assume includes the switch assembly) costs about $85-110.

The questions I have are these:

Does the panel include the switch assembly, or can just the switch assembly be purchased?

Does the chrome strip along the edge of the trunk have to be removed first to get to the panel?

If the chrome strip is removed, can it be reused, or does it have to be replaced? How should this be removed (no visible fasteners)?

Can this be repaired or changed out without tripping any error codes?

Anything else to be aware of?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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