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Thanks for the help in advance, long time lurker here. This is the first thing I have searched but not been able to find a similar post.

I have a 2007 S80 3.2 FWD with about 150k on the clock

About a month ago my passenger side driveshaft cv boot let go, and eventually l was getting wobbles on the highway when accelerating.

I was able to find a very lightly used replacement at the Volvo dismantler rather than pay $600 for a brand new one.

After I replaced it, the wobble went away but a new symptom came:

When under heavy load; accelerating past 50% throttle input or steering and accelerating, I get a metallic sounding grinding noise. It goes away as soon as I decrease the load on the motor. It sounds like it is coming from the center (maybe passenger side) of the engine compartment, and I can feel it in the gas pedal.

At first I thought it may be the carrier bearing, but after I removed the bearing holder, it seems to be in great shape.

I would assume that perhaps I didn't tighten down something perfectly, or something is rubbing now that didn't used to. I had to bang on the hub assembly to remove it from the axle spine, so perhaps I damaged the wheel bearing while doing so?

About 6 months ago I replaced the upper hydraulic motor mount as well, as it had failed.

Sorry for the wall of text. Let me if you nice folks have heard this noise before! Thanks again, Casey
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