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i know its frowned upon to join a forum just to sell their car but the trade in value is a joke. so up for sale is my 2007 s60r. black sapphire metallic with atacama interior and aero body kit. 6spd manual. the car runs and drives fine and up until new years eve the only problem it had was a non functioning headlight wiper. the other day i heard a big clunk and lost awd. its something angle gear related.
i'll start with the bad.
-awd is not functional.
-driver head light wiper motor.
-missing front winglets (last winter in buffalo was harsh)
-front bumper cover has pitted paint.
-has a couple scrapes (1 deer 1 asshole in a parking lot)
other than that the car shines up great and drives like the day i bought it in sept '10.
i have maintained it through my local volvo dealer. i have all records.
160k mostly highway (my commute is 38 miles one way)
so the good.
-new clutch, tranny (used w/80k), rear main seal (wasnt bad. wanted it changed while they were in there), and slave cylinder. the axles and bearings were changed too. cost me $8000
-changed the timing and serp. belts and fuel filter @ 100k
-changed spark plugs every 50k
-changed oil every 5000 miles (mobil1 full synthetic)
-i got it oiled (undercoating) every other year
-just passed inspection
-k&n air filter
-stoptech cross drilled slotted rotors
from ipd:
-hd spring seats and mount bearings
-strut bar mount conversions
-hd sway bar end links
-hd tcv
i also installed a grom bluetooth unit
comes with yakima ski rack
comes with 2 sets of wheels
the car runs and drives great with no noises. i know it needs a couple grand of love to be perfect but its rare and in pretty great shape.

car sold
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