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Hello, I have a 2007 S40 2.4i and am stuck with the P0171 code. I have tried cleaning the MAF sensor and replaced the MAP sensor with no luck.
I looked for a vacuum leak with some soapy water but did not find anything noticeable. I do have my scanner freeze frame and was going to see if anything stuck
out to anyone on here. This code registered with a warm engine not long after resetting the code. If anyone has an idea I am looking for any answers.
It's inspection time and this is extremely frustrating. Thanks guys looking forward to any responses.

LOAD_PCT(%) 13.3
SHRTFT1(%) 0.0
LONGFT1(%) 16.4
FRP(kPa) 381 (PSI) 55.3
MAP(kPa) 21 (inHg) 6.2
RPM(/min) 1837
VSS(KM/H) 85 (mph) 53
IAT(F) 86 (C) 31
MAF(lb/min) 0.665 (g/s) 5.03
TP(%) 14.5
EVAP_PCT(%) 0.0
FLI(%) 27.1
BARO(kPa) 99 (inHg) 29.2
VPWR(V) 14.667
LOAD_ABS(%) 2.7
EQ_RAT 0.996
TP_R(%) 4.3
AAT(c) 3 (f) 37
TP_B(%) 31.8
APP_D(%) 7.1
APP_E(%) 7.8
TAC_PCT(%) 4.7

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P0171 is a generic OBD-II code, and not very useful for diagnostics. You need the Volvo DTC code(s), which can only be pulled by professional or Volvo tools. Volvo's "Complimentary diagnostics" program offers scans for free, and most decent shops with the equipment will, too.

Don't reset codes when diagnosing issues. The history is important, and you've lost it. You may have to dig deeper now.

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I just got the car this past week and the codes had all been reset by the previous owner already. I have to get it inspected before I can put plates on it, so after cleaning the sensor and replacing the one I reset it to try to get through inspection.

As far as I know it has just been the P0171 code. That's all that I have seen come up. The previous owner wasn't much help.

On that freeze frame is it normal for the spark advance to be negative?

Also, are you talking about just a volvo dealer for a free volvo diagnostics?
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