Hey guys this is my 2007 S60R. I’ve tried my best to restore this back to how it should have been. I’ve had this car for about a year and a half and put 25k miles on it. You may have seen my thread in the S60R/V70R threadIn case you havent, this is what’s been done:

Oil changes every 5k miles
Spark plugs 15k miles ago
Trans fluid flush
Brake fluid flush
Coolant flush
Exclusively run 93 octane
Fuel filter
New battery
Braided brake lines
Fuel pressure sensor
New Clock spring
Turbo smart Compressor bypass valve
Xmodex throttle body
Do88 intercooler
3in downpipe done by po. POs cherry bomb exhaust sounded horrendous so I took it to a shop and installed a borla xr1 muffler and a vibrant resonator so there’s very little to no drone. You can hear the exhaust in the car but you can go across the country and not get headaches.
New wheels and tires
New Ceramic Brake pads and rotors all the way around
Tme springs on brand new 4c shocks all the way around
Control arms
End links
Fresh alignment
Poly subframe inserts
Patched a hole in the rear bumper. It’s a poor respray I admit but it’s better than a hole
Replaced almost all bulbs
Led interior lighting
Elevate coil packs
Stage 2+ tune done by S60RR. Makes about 280awhp or 350 crank assuming 20% drivetrain loss. Calculated by flowing 973kgs of air in august. Probably more now that it’s cold.

Personal fav mod, Projector retrofit. Truthfully the halos were a bad idea as the outside ones seem to be fading likely due to the heat from xenon bulbs.
Day time running bulbs have been replaced with led pod that doubles as a supplemental high beam. If you live in dear country like me, this is a fantastic quality of life mod at night. Still passes VA inspection.

DW300 fuel pump, basket assembly, and sender unit. I think I kinked or pinched a line between the sender side and pump side so it stalls when it gets to the last white line on the fuel gauge. I’ve been filling up whenever it gets to the second to last line for the last few months and it’s been fine. Until fixed, it’s like having a 12 gallon tank instead of 15.

Paint overall is in good condition. The front bumper is in the worst shape. Small rodent jumped out at me at night and creased a lot of the paint on the front bumper. Middle section is cracking. Front bumper definitely needs auto body repair and paint which is why I felt less bad about putting self tappers in the winglets and bumper but it looks good from 15 feet away (PO). There is a small dent in drivers side front fender and passenger side rear door (elderly lady tried to park next to me. Pulled most of it out with a go pro suction cup. Could easily be professionally fixed) there was a hole in the rear bumper from PO backing into a pole. I filled it in and gave it a cheap poorly paint matched respray. The clear coat is starting to peel from the wing but otherwise the paint is in fantastic shape.

Above 80 mph the sunroof pops up a bit and gets loud in the cabin. You can fix it in the car by going 60ish and opening it enough to pull down and bring it where it should be. It’s still completely water tight just loud and annoying at times.

Front seals are leaking oil and timing belt needs to be done. I have everything for it and cam seals just haven’t gotten around to doing it.

When it’s cold it has the classic P2 blower fan squirrely noise when you have the heat on and you hit the brakes when it’s cold. Works fine, it’s just annoying when cold.

No lights on dash except for headlamp failure when you first turn car on (doesn’t like the led pods) I get a cel or fuel filler cap loose message every few weeks or so for an evap leak but I just clear it and move on.

I take it an hour to and from work everyday and trust it across the country. Recently went on a 6 hour trip in it with no hiccups. I think that covers everything. I’m downsizing to a P80. Message me with any questions.