My name is Skyler and I'm selling my V8 S80. It has all the comfort and luxury expected from Volvo's flagship model, with enough power to still make it fun. I've kept the interior and engine bay as clean as possible because I hate my cars being dirty/ full of garbage. Clean on the outside but needs service. Runs and Drives, Shifts and Stops. Good for a short project into a fun daily by next year for an enthusiast. My price is cash only.

I'm looking to sell because this is now my second car and I don't need another project to work on. The V8 is great and smooth, but it's not going to get the attention it needs from me at this point. If you know what you're doing with Volvo or know a guy, then hit me up. Just had it inspected by the Volvo stealership, and they state the following major repairs should be done: Catalytic converter Bank 2, Transmission replacement, Power steering pump, Steering Rack and axels.

Hilariously, those experts missed the REAR TRAILING ARM BUSHINGS needing replaced, but whatever. Based on their running of codes, and myself actually getting under the car and LOOKING AT IT, I've determined the vehicle needs a Driveshaft CV/flex joints and Power Steering Pump, which is the "leak between the torque converter and the engine" they saw. Researching this forum leads me to believe the Rear Main nor the whole transmission are causing the leak they described. And I fail to believe this car needs a whole transmission in its age and drivability. Plus the Transmission was just serviced within the last 10k miles.

I bought OEM bushings for both sides and planned to replace in warm weather. I can pull and clean the cat to clear the P0430 code. I can replace the power steering pump, and I can replace Valve cover gaskets, but realistically, I simply don't have time. She's no longer my daily, and I don't have space for two cars. The car is parked in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. I am no longer agreeing to drive it to meet up for test drives. You can come to where it's parked if you're dead set on seeing it and drive around as much as you want. I'm cool with arranging shipping if you decide you want to have it towed after purchase. I am not the original owner of this car, so I don't know its entire history, but I have a copy of the CarFax saved and a copy of the stealership's "findings". I can send part numbers and prices for the service I plan to do in the summer. Still open to negotiation within reason.

More photos here

VIN: YV1AH852571033936
Year: 2007
Engine: B8444S (YAMAHA)
Mileage: 114K miles.

Easiest way to contact me would be via email at [email protected]
If you need a faster reply, I don't mind texts. (717) 372-0935. Please do not call me as I am not always readily able to speak over the phone. My job requires me to answer calls to my personal cell often. Please clearly state your name, where you're from, and list your questions. I'll answer as soon as I can. Thanks