My name is Skyler and I'm selling my V8 S80. It has all the comfort and luxury expected from Volvo's flagship model, with enough power to still make it fun. I've kept the interior and engine bay as clean as possible because I hate my cars being dirty/ full of garbage. Full Transmission service was done within the last 15k miles, Spark plugs replaced, Vacuum lines checked and intact. No issues shifting, steering, or pulling to the side. It still has its original spare, and I have an extra, full-size wheel also. The roadside equipment is intact and complete. asking 8500 based on market value.

I'm looking to sell because this is now my second car and I don't need anything this big anymore. I don't need all the extra room in the trunk or the rear seats, since it's usually only myself or my partner in the front seats. Even on road trips, we rarely utilize the size of the car. I like the car and the V8 sound, but I know it won't get the full appreciation it deserves from me. It's just not my style of daily driver. It's just collecting dust at this point. I actually like my partner's S60 2.5T better for road trips, but I digress.

There are few issues that I haven't fixed yet. Intermittent CE light P0430 that quickly went away when using an octane booster. Headliner on the sunroof shade is sagging. Rear Tires are approaching time to need replaced. The right rear-trailing arm bushing may need replacing. I bought OEM bushings for both sides and plan to replace in Summer. Nothing that can't be sorted with time and care. I'm fully open to negotiation, within reason. The car is in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. I am not able to ship as I've never arranged anything like that before. So, unless you feel like walking me through that process, don't expect me to ship it outside of PA, or meet you halfway to Florida, for example. For that reason, local pickup might be the easiest option for us. I'll answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. I am not the original owner of this car, so I don't know its entire history, /but I have a copy of the CarFax saved if you'd like to see it. More photos here

VIN: YV1AH852571033936
Year: 2007
Engine: B8444S (YAMAHA)
Mileage: 114K miles.

Easiest way to contact me would be via email at [email protected]
If you need a faster reply, I don't mind texts. (717) 372-0935. Please do not call me as I am not always readily able to speak over the phone. My job requires me to answer calls to my personal cell often. Please clearly state your name, where you're from, and list your questions. I'll answer as soon as I can. Thanks