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The time has come for me to part with my XC90 V8 Ocean Race that I've been loving over the past 4 years. Simply put, my needs are pushing me into a pickup truck at this point and I can't hold onto the XC90 in making that happen. This XC90 has gotten a lot of attention since I purchased it, and if not for my new line of work I wouldn't think about selling it. The car has its scratches and dings here and there from 14 years of use, but it passes the 10ft test no problem. I will plan on giving it one last polish and seal before the new owner picks it up / it gets shipped out. Overall the vehicle is in excellent shape, and I'm just hoping for it to go to a good owner (hopefully enthusiast) who will take care of it rather than just me trading it in. I'm asking $8,500 but am negotiable on the price and would be willing to work with someone should they want it shipped.

The car doesn't need much aside from a new set of tires, which I am accounting for in my asking price. I figure the new owner would likely want to pick out the new tires rather than having me put something on as a sales incentive. Over the past 4 years it's had some major ticket items addressed by the care of Ben McNally at Rolling Motors in Watertown, CT. Our plan was simply to do any and all service necessary to give it another 100k miles of trouble free driving. I have all records from the work done:

@94,000 miles
-Upper Torque Mounts
-Engine Support Mounts
-Front and Rear Valve Cover Gaskets
-Front and Rear Upper Intake Manifold Gaskets
-Lower Intake Manifold Gasket
-Power Steering Pump
-Serpentine Belt and Idler
-OEM Spark Plugs
-Full PCV Kit
-Throttle Body Gasket
-Front Spring Seats
-Fuel Pressure Sensor

@111,111 miles (yes I have photographic proof of this mileage :D )
-Genuine Volvo Rear Differential, rebuilt at the dealer
-Front brake hoses
-AOC Filter and Fluid Service
-Angle Gear Fluid Service
-Transmission Fluid Service
-New Hood Struts
-New Interstate Battery

-Tow hitch rated to 5,500lbs
-Factory trailer lighting wiring
-Pads and rotors @ 95,000mi
-Middle Resonator Removed
-Downstream Cats removed
(these last two items help give the Yamaha V8 some nice tone, without causing much increase in volume within the cabin, if at all. It sounds great outside.)

Other than that, the car has been a joy to drive and hasn't given me any problems. I've routinely had the oil changed at the dealer or at Rolling Motors in CT at or before 4,500 miles. I also installed a brand new set of headlights as the original ones were pretty yellow. Since then I've always kept a good coat of wax on them to prevent the fogging again, and I recommend the new owner do the same.

I'm sure I'm missing some things, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at timoquandt (at) gmail.com or on here (email is faster). I will also upload some pictures within the week, but for now have attached a few. Thanks for looking!


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