Up for sale is my 2006 V70R. I purchased this car back in 2020. I wouldn't hesitate to jump in and drive this car anywhere. It has no codes with the exception of the CEM/ECU mismatch because of the manual trans programming.

I do have a brand new OEM unpainted bumper, brand new grille in the box, the original 17" pegs that came on the car and a new set of spare shift cables that I will throw in if I get asking price.

Car is sitting at 149K

Parts Replaced, I am sure I forgot something somewhere
New Dual Mass Flywheel
New Clutch
New Slave Cylinder
New input shaft seal
New Volvo trans fluid
New clutch fluid line
New reverse switch
New Radiator
New coolant tank
New Volvo Coolant
New spark plug cover
New timing cover
New air filter
New Condenser
New AC Compressor
New Shift knob from FCP
New Shift surround
New 4C struts front and rear
New TME springs front and rear
New IPD sways front and year
New Sway bar end links front and back
New control arm bushings
Poly subframe inserts
New brembo rotors
Braided brake lines
Ceramic pads all around
Oil pan has been resealed and o-rings replaced
New AOC Filter
New AOC Fluid
New Differential Oil
New serpentine belt
New timing belt
New water pump
New spark plugs
Angle gear has been pulled apart and resealed
Radio was replaced with a low miles good working unit
Steering Angle Sensor Replaced
07+ Folding mirrors
18" Rims locally refinished with color correct powder in anthracite
New volvo floor mats


Naturally the auto to manual conversion is the biggest mod, I did nothing that was not reversible, I will even include the original TF-80SC trans and stock ECU if wanted. No wires were cut when installing, so in theory you could go back to the auto if you really wanted. I even cloned the stock ECU to preserve the original car. The donor I used was an S60 with the same number of miles.

I added navigation to this car, the only thing that is missing that I haven't been able to find is a steering wheel control pad. It still functions perfectly with the remote. It's running the last navigation update available from 2014.

The other thing that I retrofitted was BLIS, I purchased 2007 folding mirrors and added the BLIS modules.

It currently has a T5 sport wheel installed, but the original steering wheel is available if that's what you prefer.

I currently have the CEM pin so if you wanted to roll back the navigation or BLIS changes from the CEM that is completely possible and cheap to do with D5T5.
This car did not come with a subwoofer or subwoofer prep, I did purchase the wiring harness and added the subwoofer connection. It currently has a rockville ghost installed that I will be moving to another car.

It does not have stock fogs, I replaced them with Hella Micro DE lights


Naturally the seats are worn and it has the typical bolster tear that most have, I have treated it twice with leatherique and it's due for another.

I purchased brand new lemforder strut bearings and they have started groaning after only a few thousand miles. I have the replacements and may have time to install.

Typical dings and scratches on a car of this age

The center console cover is messed up, someone tried to change the cover and broke it internally. I haven't been able to source a new one yet.

You can see the process of the build on here.