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I CAN be petty, but I am unhappy about my hood strut... My '06 XC70 has only one, on the port side, and makes the hood unstable when erected. I know that the 2004/older xc70's had two.

Two questions:

1. Will buying another "port" side stut snap into the starboard hinge?

2. If cost-cutting (read: Ford control) has come to things like this, what else has been eliminated for the sake of cost, that I cannot see? (not really looking for an answer, I know the answer)

If anyone at Volvo/Ford reads these posts, you should know that Volvo owners (I've had four so far) are proud of their premium investments, and cheapening the brand with acts like this makes me think less of Volvo.

Anyway, love my Volvo!

BTW, this board is great. Love checking it out most every day.
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