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2006 Subaru WRX wagon for sale - IL (56k beware)

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Up for sale is a 2006, Crystal Gray Metallic, Subaru WRX wagon. 2006 was the first year that the WRX had the 2.5L H4, previously WRXs had the 2.0L. I've driven a friend's 2.0L WRX, and I may be biased, but I liked mine much more. Anyway, back to the car. It's a 2.5L, turbo, 5-speed manual, All-Wheel-Drive wagon. It's in excellent shape inside and out and has not been modified, with the exception of a COBB AccessPort (I'll get to that later). The car has a little over 26,000 miles on it, which will slowly increase as I will drive it occasionally to keep the battery charged and tires free of flat spots.

I figured with AWD, it would be good in the winter, but I was amazed at how outstanding it was on just standard all-season tires, which have been rotated regularly to ensure stress on the AWD system is as little as possible. Last time it snowed here, the AWD was as confidence inspiring as ever. I use Royal Purple 5W30 15k mile oil and change it as I deem necessary (between 4-5K miles). I know I could afford to let it go longer, but.....I'm a sissy when it comes to that stuff. My affinity for changing oil prematurely seems to have paid off, as it runs great and has no mechanical issues! The transmission shifts smoothly as it did when I left the dealership.

The car still has the original tires, which do have life left in them. If the car is driven regularly, I think they might need to be replaced before next winter, if you plan on getting a good amount of snow.

The brakes on the car are fantastic. This was the first year for the WRXs to get the four-piston front calipers and two piston calipers in the rear. They aren't Brembos, but definitely an improvement over the previous iteration.

I purchased a COBB AccessPort for this car. I primarily bought it for the gas mileage tune that is stored in it. I won't lie, the "Stage 1" tune in it bumps the power up quite a bit, but it also drank the gas down pretty quickly. I was getting an average of around 24MPGs, stock, on my daily commute. With the fuel saver tune, I was getting 29MPGs, and this is on country roads with some in-town driving. I'm completely confident that it would get over 30MPGs on a road trip, if you were on an "eco-drive". The AccessPort will be included with the sale.

The exterior is in, what I would say, excellent shape. It isn't perfect, but still very nice. Zero dents or dings. Never any accidents or bodywork and the 17" factory wheels have no curb rash, none. The car is equipped with the factory roof rack and cross bars. In the name of full disclosure, there is a bit of "road rash" on the front bumper. This car saw highway miles and no matter how much room you give a vehicle in front of you, there is going to be a rogue stone that makes it to you. Also, there is a scrape on the bottom of the chin spoiler from a parking lot entrance with a very extreme angle to it. It can only be seen when you change the oil, so it's not that big of a deal, it just annoys me. There's also some road rash behind the rear wheels. And finally, there's a chip in the windshield from one the aforementioned rogue stones. It hasn't spidered since it occurred, which was while ago, and doesn't affect visibility.

The interior is also in excellent shape. No rips or tears, never been smoked in. The heavily bolstered seats are firm when compared to Volvo seats, but still very comfortable over long distances. When I purchased the car, I had the dealer include a set of rubber all-weather floor mats, which aren't as robust as Volvo all-weather mats. The Subie ones are showing some wear, however the carpeted floor mats are still in the plastic bags that they came in from the factory and to my knowledge, haven't been stood on. My other complaint about the all-weather mats, is that they tend to move around a lot when entering and exiting the car. This has caused some wear on the carpet of the driver's side floor, but is pretty much hidden by the floor mats. This is why I would say the interior is in excellent condition and not perfect. Both sets of mats are included with the sale.

Below is a recap of accessories and features:

-Power windows, locks, mirrors
-Air cond.
-In-dash 6cd changer
-Factory Roof-rack with cross-bars
-Both carpet and all-weather floor mats
-Rubber cargo-area mat
-17"factory wheels with original tires
-4-piston brakes
-Factory extended warranty to 74K miles

This is a great car that is quick, fun with quite a bit of room and gets great mileage (for an AWD,turbo). We're wanting to sell because we just had our second child and really have no need for 3 cars. Last time I checked, Private Party Blue Book for this car in excellent condition was over $18,000. I'm asking $18,000, including both sets of floor mats, COBB AccessPort, and a fresh oil change. I know it's a long shot, but I would consider trades for a good condition, relatively low mileage 6-speed manual V70R (if I got this, I would try selling one of our other cars). I welcome people to come and test-drive it. I'm located in the Peoria, IL area.


back seat is a little dirty. that circle on the bottom seat cushion is just dust

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