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2006 S60R - Sideskirts and Rear Bumper Skirt - Titanium Gray

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As title states, sideskirts and rear bumper skirt from a 2006 S60R finished in titanium gray.

These items will come off my car in 2-3 days and are in great condition. I can box them up in the same boxes my sport kit came in and will be able to ship them anywhere. Shipping might get expensive, so locals can probably get a better deal.

I have not set a price as of yet, but feel free to make me an interesting offer. I am open to cash offers and also willing to trade for random items for the car. I would mostly be interested in a pop-up nav screen, lowering springs, exhaust, x-pel in light blue, iMIV, Garmin to work with pop-up screen, etc... We will adjust price differentials with cash.

Thanks for looking! Will post pictures of the car soon.

EDIT: These are the STOCK NON SPORTS KIT pieces.

Modified by YR01 at 6:34 PM 5-11-2009
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Re: (cmurphy2266)

PM Replied.

Also, for anyone wondering... I will ship anywhere as long as you cover the cost of freight.
Re: (craina)

I actually purchased a complete kit Friday! But check your PM...
Re: 2006 S60R - Sideskirts and Rear Bumper Skirt - Titanium Gray (YR01)

What sport kit did you buy? Where did you get it from? I'm looking around...
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Re: 2006 S60R - Sideskirts and Rear Bumper Skirt - Titanium Gray (RickR)

Bought the stock sport kit from MySwedishParts.com... It is scheduled to arrive Thursday (right when I leave on vacation! Grrr...) So it will have to wait until Tuesday to be put on the car. I will try to document the procedure for anyone interested, although this has been done already.

When I have all the pieces off of the car I will take pictures, box them up, and update the listing for anyone that might be interested.
Do you have to remove the stock lower rear bumper part to install the bodykit part?
Re: 2006 S60R - Sideskirts and Rear Bumper Skirt - Titanium Gray (YR01)

Finally got the parts off the car and I am ready to ship.

Sideskirts are as perfect as they will get and are ready to ship.
$400 plus shipping.

Rear bumper trim (the lower piece) has no scrathes and was perfect until I removed it and cracked it a little. The crack is really not big deal and would be a very easy fix if getting it painted. If not painting, then it would be harldy noticable once in the car. I'll send pictures to those interested.
$200 plus shipping.

Thanks for looking!
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