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Hey guys, I know that somewhere on this forum is a thread about installing a grom in s60R's with the HU-850 head unit 6 cd changer... But for the life of me I can't seem to find them (unless I've already read all there is). I installed a brand new GROM bt-3 pretty effortlessly about a week and a half ago. I bought it directly from Grom and other than struggling to put the head unit assembly thing back in everything seemed to be good. However when I turned my car on it all of a sudden stopped working.

My phone is hooking up to it via bluetooth no problem, and the red light is on showing that it is working...but it won't register on the car. Typically, I would turn the car on and it would go directly to the CD player and the grom would start playing music right away (pandora on my phone automatically starts playing). But now it just says "load disc" and the Grom isn't actually playing anything even though my phone says it is. I checked my phones volume, the volume on the car works fine, I uninstalled everything then installed it again, but I can't get it to work no matter what I do.

So I've now taken the Grom out thinking this one may be defective because I can't seem to find anybody with this problem. My S60R only has 80k miles on it and I'm not planning on selling it anytime soon I'm about to drop a huge amount of money with IPD to get everything up to par and I'm thinking why not get an entirely new head unit with it. My current HU-850 doesn't have lights. I can see the the heat and AC and everything at night, but anything on the actual radio part doesn't light up other than the station display. When the Grom worked it was fine because my phone would just do everything, but without it I'm getting really annoyed (even only after a day).

I'm thinking about getting another Grom bt3, is there anything I should do installation wise that a normal person wouldn't think of. I've seen people put the plugs in upside down (which I didn't try), and I didn't unplug the battery when I did the installations. When I watched the youtube installation video it didn't mention that, but some people on the forums did.

I'd also like to know if there are any type of plug and play aftermarket options... I looked at bluepower, but the company doesn't look very reputable to me, and it's very expensive for something that might mess things up. I know that if I went another route I would have to go to a dealer and get them to delete the radio or something for $150, but I have no problem doing that. I take very long highway trips with this car and all I need to make it perfect is bluetooth.

Thanks in advance!
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