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Location: Placerville, CA
Mileage: 178,000
Price: $3,900 OBO
Title: Clean
Contact: Joseph, 650-305-0508 (say you're from SS please)

I have an S60 that I have been working on the past couple months. I bought this car with a failing transmission and begging to be brought back to glory. Using 80k mile parts, the following parts were replaced: transmission and torque converter, turbo, pcv system checked and cleaned, passenger side axle shaft, driver's seat and carpet, driver's door. When I replaced the transmission (pulled the engine from the top) I pressure washed the bay, and all parts were cleaned before putting back together. There are no leaks or codes on vida. It has new fluids including oil, correct spec ATF, power steering, brake fluid, and coolant. The driver's seat has been replaced with one in very good condition, and the interior was torn apart to replace the carpet and cleaned while it was apart. The front end including control arm bushings and struts have been replaced by the PO as well as the timing belt. Hard to tell this car has higher miles, it drives great and the front end feels like it should. I have a four post lift and a vida that can be used to inspect the car. Everything works including the AC and all lights. There is no date code on the tires but they appear to have less than 20k miles and have no signs of major wear or cracking of any sort. It has passed smog and the reg is up to date. It has been clay barred and waxed, the headlights have also been reconditioned. This is a great first car or something that will hopefully go for another 50k miles. Thanks SS! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Volvo cars Bumper Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Volvo cars Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Hatchback Engine Auto part Vehicle Car Automotive engine part
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