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2006 S40 -- Opening windows from key remote control

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In the S40 user manual, it states

"Press the Unlock button on the remote once to unlock the driver's door. The turn signals will flash twice to confirm unlocking.

After a short pause, press the Unlock button a second time within 10 seconds to unlock the other doors and the trunk. A long press (at least two seconds) opens all side windows. "

I press and hold the button, and the windows don't go down. Is this a typo in the manual, am I doing something incorrect, or maybe the car hasn't been "programmed" correctly? Any ideas are appreciated...Thanks!
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Re: 2006 S40 -- Opening windows from key remote control (zben)

Hey - you posted this in the wrong S40 forum...you'll get some answers if you move it to the 2004.5-current forum.
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