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Hi there!

I've been having an issue with my S40 recently with the windshield wipers, suddenly no water is coming out and I'm at a loss as to why. Here's what I've tried so far:

- Check the reservoir is full
- If I take out the tube in the hood and blow into it, I can see the water in the reservoir going up
- If I blow into the reservoir opening, I see water coming out from under the front right wheel (NOT the tube in the hood)
- When pressing the wheel control, the front light washers do come out and spray water (with little pressure) but I dont hear any other noise
- When pressed for a long time I see a few drops of water (very little water) coming from under the front right wheel.

Can I assume the pump is dead, or can it be something else? Is this something I can fix myself without removing bodywork parts?

Also I noticed (although most likely unrelated) that a clog in the AC drain completely soaked the rear footwell on the passenger side, luckily I managed to clear it and the footwell dried in a couple days. The water was coming out of the foot air outlet under the passenger front seat. I guess this is something entirely different, right?

Thanks so much for your help!

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There are two pumps, one for the headlight sprayers and another for the windscreen. Sounds like one is weak and the other is dead. Maybe it's as simple as crud in the tank.

The pumps are way down at the bottom of the reservoir. The most complete access to the system requires removing the bumper, but you can also try removing the right side wheel well liner.
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