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I wanted to make a post where I could assemble the assorted things I've found regarding the Aisin TF-80SC Transmission and its valve body problems from MY 2006 to MY 2007. I developed it over in the XC90 forum and it's now ready for "prime time" here in the R forum where it will get more exposure.

Models affected:

2006-2007 Volvo S60R GT
2006-2007 Volvo V70R GT
2006-2007 Volvo XC90 V8 (All Trims)
2007 Volvo XC90 3.2L (All Trims)
2007 Volvo S80 V8 (All Trims)
2007 Volvo S80 3.2L (All Trims)

Transmission Wiki - "It is designed to handle a maximum of 440 N·m (324.5 ft·lbf) of torque."
The Technical Deficiency:

From this post some details about the problem:
What goes bad in the valve bodies is the bores in which the valves ride. They become worn out and cross leaks occur that no amount of reprogramming can compensate for. The TCM turns solenoids on and off to stroke valves to direct fluid to specific locations inside the transmission. When the valve bores are worn out that control of flow is no longer possible.
This thread, from user MnOpRacInG, shows a tear down of a failing valve body. The worn bores and valves are clearly visible, as demonstrated in the photos below:

Here's the TNN regarding the valve body:

(Dated: 11-09-2007)
TNN43-53-2007-11-09 Title: Valve Body: Customer Interest - A/T - Harsh Shifts/False Neutrals/Shift Flare
2005- for XC90 V8
2006- for S60R/V70R
2007- for XC90 3.2 & S80

SUBJECT: TF80-SC, 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Fault Tracing Tips
Note: This TNN supersedes the previous 43-53, dated 12/21/2006. Information about speed sensor and valve body faults has been added. Please update your files.
This document summarizes customer complaints related to the 6 speed Automatic Transmission (TF80-SC) and should be used together with the information in VIDA.

Valve Body: The Valve Body should be replaced to address the following symptoms:
1. Customer complaints about 2-3 upshift quality. The shift may be described as harsh, or as a shudder. The symptom is usually more apparent during the first few minutes of driving after a cold start.
2. Customer complaints of shudder when slowing down, just before coming to a stop. The symptom may also be described as a harsh downshift just before coming to a stop.
3. Neutral condition in 4th, 5th & 6th gear; normal behavior in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Reverse. One or more of the following DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) may be present in the TCM (Transmission Control Module): P073400, P073500, P072900, P089600.
4. Neutral condition in all gears except 5th & Reverse, usually with TCM P273300 set. DTCs for gear ratio(s) may also be set such as TCM P073000, P073100, P073200, or P073400.
5. Customer complaints of engine RPM flare at upshift or power-on downshift (kickdown) due to a worn modulator valve bore.

Note: Transmissions starting with serial number 06J and later already have the latest valve body which is designed to prevent these symptoms.

Aisin-Warner 09G Electronics - Anatomy of shift controls
AW 6 Speeds: Valve Body Diagnosis
Adjusting Clutch Control Valves on Aisin FWD 6-Speeds
Exploded View w/Part #'s - Says for FWD, but I believe it is the same.
Sonnax Valve Body Exploded View w/Part #'s
Replacement Sources:

Here's the sources I'm aware of for replacement valve bodies:

2006/2007 S60R V70R and 2006/2007 XC90 V8/3.2L Automatic Geartronic Transmission Aisin Warner TF80SC Valve Body Rebuilt or New Replacement:

Volvo 31259456 - New - $1200
2007-2012 Volvo XC90 Automatic Transmission Valve Body 31259456 | TascaParts.com

One Stop Gearbox Shop - New - ~$1,200 Shipped (or $456 - Not sure if this is still valid) (Need to confirm these are the updated design)

Cobra Transmission - New - $1,399.99
TF80SC Valve Body-Volvo [IPN8-39740-Volvo] - $1,399.99 | Cobra Transmission
(Note: Per VNDETTA's discussion with Cobra, this is a new and updated Aisin Warner Valve Body without a Volvo sticker on the packaging.)

Ream Man Valve Bodies - Remanufactured - $674.48
Ream Man Valve Bodies. TF80SC

Advantage European Auto Parts (Michigan) - Will Rebuild Your Valve Body - ~$600
Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market

RevMax Converters - Rebuilt - $749.00 (NLA?)
TF81 AF21 Ford, Mazda OEM Rebuilt, Updated Valve Body | Revmax

Sonnax - Remanufactured - Pricing Unknown
Remanufactured Valve Body - AW6VF

Before I ordered any of these, I would be absolutely sure to contact the vendor to verify correct fitment for your caR or V8.

The dealer charge for replacing a valve body is 4.1 hours labor.
Replacement Steps (S60R/V70R):
Thanks Laird for the Walkthrough

"I removed the bumper cover, since that takes 5 minutes, this allows excellent access from below.
Remove air guide, both if you have them.
Remove the tranny coolant lines.
Remove the air-box, fake battery cover and IC to TB tube.
Remove front motor mount bolt (on top of mount)
Remove the pump on the frame rail by removing two bots and the whole bracket.
Put jack-stands under the rear sub-frame brackets and loosened the rear SF bolts.
Floor jack with a block of wood under the engine, bit of tension.
Removed front SF bolts to allow SF to sag out of the way.
Drain fluid (save or measure)
Remove VB cover (clean clean clean)
Take a few pictures, even though it'd be hard to screw up the wiring.
Don't lose the metal lock plate that goes with the top left sensor.
8 bolts (10nm) and you will get a fair amount of fluid when you remove the bottom two bolts and internal cover plate.
Clean tranny surface.
Install (the new one) and ensure that everything is hooked up and tight. Don't forget to get the shift arm and link hooked up on top.
Permatex (gasp) grey RTV $5.99 or the , "pick a manufacturer" RTV re-labeled as VOLVO, $$$$, your choice. Follow the directions. (Editor Note: Personally recommend Volvo Sealant)
Put everything else back together except what's in your way of refilling and wait 24 hours.
Fill and drive.
Smile at yourself in the mirror and/or pat yourself on the back.

Thanks Thommykent for sharing this photo of the connections:

(I would like input on the differences in how the job is done between models.)
How to find the transmission serial #:

On the R's, the transmission serial number can be found by looking behind the airbox below the intake tube. There's a metal tag on top of the transmission which has the serial number. It looks like this:

There's a similar metal tag on top of the transmission of the V8's. Here's a photo which shows the location. It's taken while standing next to the driver's side wheel well of the XC90:
Image Link Broken

Also, from this post you can find the transmission serial number on V8's by:

"With a good flashlight on a cold engine compartment, stick your head over the near side of the brake fluid reservoir and look straight down.
White sticker with the SN. Just toward the front of the sticker (toward front of car) is the metal plate with the same SN."
Serial # Samplings (Model - Production Date - Serial # Prefix):
2008 XC90 V8 Sport - 5/7/2008 - 08B
2008 XC90 V8 - 10/?/2007 - 07E
2007 S60R - 5/?/2007 - 07C
2007 S60R - 5/10/2007 - 07B
2007 XC90 V8 Sport - 4/?/2007 - 07B
2007 S80 V8 - 5/4/2007 - 07A
2007 XC90 V8 - 4/?/2007 - 07A
2007 S60R - 3/?/2007 - 07A
2007 V70R - 3/?/2007 - 07A
2007 XC90 V8 Sport - 3/9/2007 - 06M
2007 V70R - 3/?/2007 - 06M
2007 S80 V8 - 02/?/2007 - 06M
2007 V70R - 2/?/2007 - 06L
2007 V70R - 2/?/2007 - 06L
2007 S60R - 1/?/2007 - 06L
2007 S80 V8 - 1/?/2007 - 06L
2007 S80 V8 - 12/?/2006 - 06K (Canadian)
2007 S60R - 12/15/2006 - 06J
2007 XC90 V8 Sport - 01/03/2007 - 06H
2007 XC90 3.2L - 11/?/2006 - 06H
2007 XC90 V8 - 11/27/2006 - 06G
2007 XC90 V8 Sport - 11/22/2006 - 06G
2007 S60R - 11/?/2006 - 06G
2007 V70R - 11/?/2006 - 06G
2007 XC90 - 10/?/2006 - 06G
2007 S60R - 7/17/2006 - 06G
2007 XC90 V8 - 11/?/2006 - 06F
2007 V70R - 10/?/2006 - 06F
2007 V70R - 8/?/2006 - 06C
2007 XC90 V8 - 6/?/2006 - 06C
2007 S80 V8 - 6/?/2006 - 05M (Sweden)
2007 V70R - "March 2006" - Pre-06J (Waiting on exact info)
2006 S60R - 3/16/2006 - 06A
2006 S60R - 1/24/2006 - 05K
2006 V70R - 10/?/2005 - 05H
2006 V70R - 9/?/2005 - 05G
2006 V70R - 8/?/2005 - 05G

(Please contribute to this record. I'd like to see if we can track down a definitive cutoff date.)

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I had a Valve body rebuild kit installed and it really mad a difference, as the flushing is just a band aid. I'm also in the process of trying to find a way to build the TF80 without going through Level 10, which has not had a lot of positive reviews. I have been on the phone with all of the above sources for the valve body. It seams there are really only three manufactures of the parts in the USA. Will update here when we find out how well it holds up with the new higher HP motor going in.

Would like to here if anyone has done any upgrades to this transmission, as most of the cars this transmission cam in are not most built, think Ford Fusion, and 500
Have any info on what it takes to swap out?

I included the wiki information about the transmission being designed for 325 ft-lb because almost any tuning will drive the R above that number but we don't hear much (or anything?) about physical breakdowns of the transmission.

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Anyone who has a late-06, 07, or early-08 of any vehicle which has the TF-80SC, I'd really like to add your production date and transmission serial to the list to see if we can track down a cut-off date for the bad valve bodies. Thanks for those I've received so far.

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Thank you guys for the additions! Keep them coming. For anyone wondering about production date, the easiest source I've found is the vehicle's CarFax report.

The 06J (from the TNN) means October 2006 (J is the 10th letter...). My 06L means December 2006. So there was a month+ lag between build dates of my transmission and caR. I once checked a 3/[17?]/07 built VR and that seemed to hold true for it also (iirc it was an 07A).
Some cases that seems to be correct, but others there's a huge difference between the letter and the month of production. In the case of the two 2007 V8s on my list, there's a 4 month difference based on your understanding of the system. Also, to add a bit more weird to it, another 2007 V8 has 06M and M is the 13th letter. Maybe they skipped I? These are all the reasons I want to assemble this list so that we can finally get to the bottom of the question.

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Yup, that's there I'd gotten/remembered the exact date from (thanks), but it'd been so long since I'd looked at it that it took me a while to remember/confirm...

As long as the "huge difference" didn't "go backwards in time", that just means that transmission production continued while vehicle production lagged, and a stockpile of transmissions had built up... So a 4-month lag (dis)proves nothing.

As for that 06M: while it's true that it only takes one counter-example to disprove any theory, it's also true that people sometimes who know that will reject a valid theory based upon a single anomalous data point. (And sometimes some people -- for eg, Judy Wood -- will do so on purpose, in order to disinform...)

Perhaps Aisin can explain that bakers-dozen "06M"...? (?extra production week squeezd in during the normally-off last week of the year?) An '07 R built in February 2007, if there weRe any, might help establish that that there is no letter between (2006) "L" and (2007) "A", and that that (2006) "M" was some sort of one-time anomaly.

If you/we can find a better explanation, good for you (and for all of us). 'til then (or if we find some backwards-in-time units that were definitely not replacements), I'll be sticking with my YYM 'understanding' to 'decode' the date of the AW SNs, and just scratch my head whenever (if) I (ever) see an "M".

PS: maybe that "M" is a one-time 2006 thang, indicating units that had their VB updated/replaced retroactively, late in 2006, after the unit was first assembled, but before it left the AW factory?
Yeah, I'm definitely not trying to disprove your theory. If anything, I'm trying to prove your theory...or any theory. I just want to know the answer. LOL

I suspect what you've presented is accurate. My real goal is to just keep collecting and collecting data points until we finally prove out the answer.

My other goal is to (finally) bring this issue and its overwhelming reach to light. Years ago I thought this was just a few early R's and that I got unlucky. I also previously believed this was just an issue that could "possibly" affect a vehicle before 06J. Years later (and MANY threads read) I've realized this issue affected every unit within multiple model lines for multiple years. There's a lot of vehicles that will, at some point in their life, be affected by this. There's a reason several shops have set themselves up to rebuild and update these units. They've realized the scope and now, we finally are realizing it as well.

Thanks again to all who have submitted data points and KEEP THEM COMING!

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I wouldn't think... I am absolutely no transmission expert but valve body issues can come by crap gumming up on the valve ways and restricts fluid flow. Unless something comes loose, clutch packs and such shouldnt be affected
I think I would disagree, but I'm just as much an expert. LOL This problem causes flared shifts, harsh shifts, slamming shifts, neutral conditions which resolve themselves with slamming into gear. I've got to think that takes a toll on the internals of the transmission. It's certainly not operating correctly. I suspect running these with this problem into the period of time where shifts start to get real severe and not replacing the valve body would do internal transmission damage. Once again, though, I'm definitely no expert.

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That's great info and would, no doubt, do an excellent job of maintaining an otherwise fully-functional transmission (AW55). However, in the case of the TF-80SC before 06J, this cannot prevent and eliminate the issue because the issue is not fluid related. The issue is that the valve body was designed incorrectly. I suspect this may help to extend the life of the valve body, but it won't correct the problem.

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Mine was starting at T07D, but recently I'd used VIDA to check four ABS sensors' reading, and found out the rear right sensor reading was insane which was 6 digit shown.(ex:248954 km/h). I do experienced rough down shift from 2nd to 1st recently, not quite sure if the ABS false reading affected it, but will replace it to see what happen.
If your transmission serial # is 07D, then you don't have this specific issue. That doesn't mean you have no transmission issue, it just means you don't have THIS one. Sounds like you need to keep going down the road of clearing your codes. If you are worried about transmission condition, a fluid flush is always a good idea.

I will have to say that if you have a GT car and run a K&N filter I would dump it. Best thing I have done to help drivability and improved shifting in everyday driving. I also recommend using Maxlife ATF as a good all around trans fluid during a pump and dump
If anyone has an R, regardless of transmission, they should dump the K&N. It provides no benefits and only potential issues (oil on MAF, less capable filtering, etc), but that's all for another post.

So, what's the generally best solution to this problem? Take it to a dealership who can look up the specific issue and do the fix, or is it preferable to go to a place the specializes in transmission repairs?

Anyone around DC/MD/VA had this work done with success at a reasonable cost?
If your 07 has a serial # below 06J, then you need a new/rebuilt valve body. My advice would be to buy from one of the sources in the post. Maybe someone else can help direct where to go to have it done. It should be billed at just over 4 hours labor, so keep that in mind when considering pricing.

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My 2007 S80 V8 has a "delivery date" of Sept 11, 2007 and TF80-SC S/N: 07A3828059
Given this, I really doubt any 2008 models would be in the problem range, as the problem range ended well before my 2007 model...
Do you have the CarFax that you could pull the production date from?

2007 V70R
Production date: 03/07
Transmission: 06M

Replaced the VB at 43,000 miles a few months ago when I bought it.
The sliding valve bodies had a burnt oil haze-look to them.

Too much heat, or maybe lack of fluid through the the valve bodies. Hopefully a bad design they corrected with the new ones.
Interesting. 06M is after the 06J cutoff, so yours should have come with the "fixed" valve body.

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I am experiencing practically every issue with this, unfortunately.
Your first step should be to go peek at your serial #. It's REALLY easy on the R. At least then you'll know whether you are in the officially affected group.

Have you tried driving your 07 in GT mode? I've found I can avoid many of the issues by doing this. Might be worth a shot.

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Thank you guys, keep them coming.

The last one I got from an XC90 V8 Sport was an interesting one:
2007 XC90 V8 Sport - 01/03/2007 - 06H

Changed around what I thought was laying out as a cutoff date.

Vinny - Congrats on the VERY late '07 R.

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My car had one of each style. I just installed the vented one I ordered immediately after I bought the car though.

I heard that the cars received the vented/closed grills depending on the geographic location of the car. Northern/cold climates got the closed ones. Southern/hot climates got the open ones.
Was one of yours vented because there's an R Kelly intake behind it (driver's side)?

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Too add to that; I've been having some of these issues. Noticed a really hard shift when I was getting on the highway the other day. I've been driving like a grandma since because this issue is concerning. In traffic I always notice it. I had it at a dealership (Rickenbaugh Denver) to get some other work done and explained to them I was concerned about the Valve Body issue. I was told my transmission was fine. That was about 2 months ago. It hasn't gotten any worse but obviously isn't getting better. Should I address this immediately? I also need 4 new 4C struts so I'm trying to figure out which is more important. I'm leaning towards the tranny, just seeking a second opinion or some advice. Thanks!
Doesn't hurt to try a drain and fill, but that likely won't fix your issue.

If it's just flaring shifts, you are probably okay to live with it that way for a while. If it is banging shifts, then you are running the risk of damaging other hard parts in the transmission. I've found that driving the car in GT mode (shiftable) I'm able to avoid most of the problems, but this is only a temp band-aid.

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I have an 07 s80 v8 with the same transmission. The car has 59k miles on it, but the car fax said the trans was replaced at 44k miles. I'm assuming it has one of the 6 speed autos with the bad valve bodies
I'm betting it was replaced because it was having these same problems. Hopefully the unit they replaced it with had the updated design. To check, you can follow the directions for checking the XC90 V8. I would guess it is in roughly the same spot.

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I'm pretty sure it was replaced a couple years ago, so does that mean it would automatically have the updated design? I was under the impression they stopped using the faulty ones altogether in 2008
I couldn't say that's "automatically" what it means, but I think that's "likely" what it means. Like I said, I would peak down in there and verify the serial # just to satiate your curiosity and increase your knowledge about the vehicle.

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Mine is an 06 but the code starts with 07C. Does that mean mine is affected?

I would guess that means you were affected earlier in the R's life and the transmission was replaced.

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I could confirm my 06A is def a faulty unit. Been getting sporratic 1-2 shift flares and a transmission lock code on vida. I think the time is coming for my trans soon
If you're going to have Drennen do it, see if they'd offer you and I a group discount for doing two of the same job. I've been kicking the idea around of finally fixing mine.

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I have full CarFax history and theres no mention of a trans work. Should I talk to Volvo or is it too late? My car something very rarely slips gear from 1-2 and 2-3 if im doing a fast sharp turn at a light for example. Ive changed the fluid a month ago, so im defo not low on fluid.
Your transmission being 07C means it "shouldn't" suffer from this particular design flaw. That's not to say it can't have other issues not covered by this specific TNN.

Regarding slipping a gear on a sharp turn, dougy would tell you that if you add another 1/4 Qt (I think that's the right amount) beyond the recommended amount, that your issue would go away. I have no way to confirm this and can't specifically recommend it, but I believe it is a separate issue to the valve body design.

By all means, you could call Volvo and ask how your 06 has an 07C serial number. I suspect they will just say they don't know and I really believe the answer is that the transmission has been swapped. I wouldn't consider CarFax to be anything close to the final word on what was or was not done.
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