Updated: Did not sell it! I will attempt to fix it as many of you have suggested. Thanks!
Up for sale my 2005 V70R M66 B5254T4, 118k miles and cracked cylinder wall #4.
Second owner since 2013/ 53k miles. Until 2013 the car was in Norcal, between 2013 and present in Socal and TX.
Zero rust.

Many things were adressed between 90-100k miles: Except shimming the block obviously.
Replaced the suspension all around, bushings, ball joints, springs, strut bearings, tie rods, sway bar end links, front bearings. All volvo or OEM parts.
The front sway bar is original, rear sway bar was replaced with 25mm elevate. IPD camber correction bushing in the rear.
Replaced angle gear and collar, new from volvo. Rebuilt rear drive shaft.
Haldex filter, fluid and transmission fluid was replaced twice under my ownership.
Relocated pump control module in the trunk, replaced fuel filter.
Replaced TCV, brake vacuum switch.
Replaced the hatch struts.
Large oil cooler, Do88 intercooler, new expansion tank, new radiator, new hoses almost all of them, thermostat, PCV system.
Curt hitch, Volvo trailer control module.
Treated the bottom and crevices with Cosmoline

Interior 7/10, Titanium silver/ gobi
Exterior 7/10
Rims 6/10

Extra set of 1.5 years old 17" pegasus wheels / WRG4 Nokians 10/10 condition, 6k miles.
Some spare parts like rear wheel bearings, rebuilt cv axles from volvo, bunch of oil filters and some air filters.
Skandix windshield drip molding, clips and paint/ clear coat.

Mods: elevate rear sway bar and do88 intercooler.

Make me an offer I cant refuse otherwise I'm thinking of getting and installing a crate B5244T5 from Volvo.