I am listing my Mom's 2005 Volvo V70R. As much as it pains me to list it, she has stopped driving and we have enough other Volvos (including another V70R) in the family. While I could certainly keep it, I already feel like I've adopted enough Volvos. I'd rather see it go to an another enthusiast who will enjoy it.

Other than this car being a rare V70R, which is well known around here, it has low mileage for its age at 73,165. In the current V70R market that's the biggest valuation factor. The car spent the first 2 years of its life and the past 1 year in Texas. Prior to that it spend most of its years in Long Island, NY.

Some information about the car:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Silver exterior with Gobi (tan) interior color
  • Sunroof
  • Heated seats
  • 4C suspension as all R's have

The positives:

  • Low mileage
  • Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3+ tires installed at ~67K miles in October 2020
  • GROM hands free Bluetooth and hardwire aux in kit for stereo
  • IPD Sway bars
  • IPD Rear toe bars
  • Brake vacuum pump and switch replaced at 69K
  • Airbag recall service completed
  • This a very nice driving car. Drove from NY to TX to NY to TX no sweat in the past 2 years.

The detractors:

  • The hood and side view mirror covers need to be repainted
  • There a some touched up scratches on the bottom of the tailgate and in front of the right rear wheel well
  • There is one ding I noticed on passenger front door.
  • Driver's side headlight grew an eyebrow
  • Leather stitching above gauge pod came loose.
  • One of the rear power windows needs to be repaired (driver's side I believe)
  • Right side turn signal marker needs to be replaced
  • FM is not working on the radio

I am listing the car with the community here first before pursuing other paths. I am happy to answer questions from those with genuine interest.

Photos below

Tire Car Wheel Automotive side marker light Sky

Speedometer Motor vehicle Steering part Gauge Odometer

Car Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle

Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Automotive side marker light

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive side marker light

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Tire Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive parking light Daytime

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle