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2005 USED S60R Passion Red Front Bumper Cover

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I have a used bumper cover that came off of my former 2005 S60R. The bumper was replaced due to the area under the winglets being chewed up. I wanted to run without winglets since I had already torn 3 off. The bumper was replaced at about 18K miles. If you run winglets you'll never see the damage. Paint still in nice condition otherwise. A few minor stone chips here and there. 100.00 for local pickup only. I will not ship this bumper so please do not ask. I guess you could probably use this on a regular S60 but please verify that yourself.
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Re: 2005 USED S60R Passion Red Front Bumper Cover (Mike02z)

hmmmmmm very tempted
Re: (Chilled Man)

Quote, originally posted by Chilled Man »
hmmmmmm very tempted
For what?
You don't have anything to put it on
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