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I'm doing a timing belt job on my S80 as a preventative measure, it's currently about halfway through it's service life.

I bought an AISIN water pump/timing belt kit from rockauto to ensure the pump doesn't fail and shred the belt, essentially scrapping my car. I spoke to an employee at a Volvo dealership today, because I had actually ordered the kit for the incorrect engine serial #. I wanted to compare parts side-by-side to confirm my mistake.

This is what the guy behind the parts counter said to me when he saw the water pump with the kit:

"Why are you changing the water pump? Is it leaking or making noise?"

I replied:

"No, but this will be the third timing belt to have been installed on the car, so I'd think at roughly 300,000 km on the possibly original water pump, it wouldn't be a bad idea. I wouldn't want it to seize up and destroy my engine."

To which he countered:

"You're likely to have problems if you replace the water pump, it will leak before it'll seize up. They rarely fail because they're entirely metal unlike those Japanese plastic WP's."

What's the general consensus on WP replacement with timing belt jobs?

IPDUSA also states that some older pumps used bolts that were different lengths and require replacement hardware. Is there a way to determine if I have 'some older pump' or if I'm able to reuse hardware?

I feel like I should just replace the damn water pump, nothing lasts forever but any advice would be appreciated

Thank you for reading!
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