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I Just found out that I owe A LOT in taxes this year, and I need to off load a few things. Unfortunately, this includes my 2005 S60R with 181xxx miles on the clock. It’s silver/nordkap, M66 transmission with the factory aero kit. It’s completely stock with the exception of IPD HD lower trans mount, a K&N air filter, and a boost gauge. The nordkap leather was completely replaced at 90k miles by the previous owner, so it’s in better than expected condition with the given mileage. However it does show signs of wear on the two front seats.I replaced the front struts at 160k, tires replaced within 10k miles and have kept up with oil changes every ~5k. The car does have a couple of things that will need attention. New spark plugs and coil packs at 150k. I’m letting it go for $4500 OBO

- the windshield is cracked, but it’s not in the drivers line of sight.
- radiator fan constantly runs
- needs a new passsenger side by bumper mount “$26 from ipd”
- sway bar links need replacement. I have the front set somewhere you can have them if I can find them.
- one of the rims is slightly bent and you can feel it in your rump above 45, this rim is also the lighter color. All other rims are anarthcite.
- will probably need new brakes on all four corners haven’t checked them but it’s been at least10-15k miles
- there’s a half dollar size section on the right rear seat where the dye was removed from an envelopes tape that stuck itself to the seat. “See the pics”

i literally filed my taxes today, decided to offload the car and took pictures. The car will be cleaned inside an out before you take delivery, but these pictures are as I drive the car today. Let me know if you have questions or need more pictures. This was my 3rd S60, and my second R. I hate to part with her, but bills unfortunately don’t pay themselves, this has to go sooner than later let me know what questions you have.

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Link to all photos http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/Samsoroka1/library/
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