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2005 Volvo S40 T5, 6 speed manual. Located in central Virginia, 22902. Will post it locally at $5,500, but happy to sell it for $5,000 to a Swedespeed member. ** I no longer check this site with regularity. If interested please email me at [email protected] Please be sure to put "S40" in the subject line- I will not open emails not labeled as such.

92,000 miles. Pretty low, considering the age of the car. It has been in regular use throughout its life, so no concerns of disrepair owing to non-use. Inspected January of 2019. Overall in very good condition- people are always surprised when I tell them what year it is.

The Good:

Very well cared for- have all maintenance records. All required maintenance, done as it should have been. I bought this car for the long-haul and- quite frankly- haven’t planned on selling it (but I am b/c a family member is offering me a deal on their old car.)

Synthetic oil used at all times throughout the car’s life. Does not use/lose oil between oil changes, nor does the car drip any fluids.

Timing belt recently done, along with the water pump and belt tensioners.

Passion Red

Volvo “R” wheels (what’s known as “Pegs”- short for Pegasus model wheels.)

Dynamic Trim body kit- This is OEM Volvo and was an option for the S40. I added this to mine about 8 years ago. All it amounts to is sporty lower skirting that replaces the black plastic that came stock. The Volvo kit came pre-painted in Passion Red, so matches perfectly.

All stock- no performance modifications or anything like that.

Very clean- I always get compliments on how new the car looks.

Recently replaced both headlight bulbs (both worked, but they were getting old/yellow.)

The not as good, but not bad either:

Nothing remarkable. It is, though, a 14 year old car so it has its share of imperfections. Those are:

Scratches at rear driver’s side corner on the bumper cover. It appears someone scraped up against it while parallel parking. The substrate is black, so not very noticeable. Also various (but tiny) chips in the front from years of road debris.

Side mirror housing (passenger side) is cracked/scarred, but wholly intact. Years ago someone smacked it (don’t know how- another car or vandal.) It’s not bugged me since. A new mirror cap can be purchased and snapped on. Mirror still functions as it should (in terms of electronics/movement.)

Interior headliner coming unglued. I’ve used clear upholstery tacks to keep it tight and in-place. If you look up they’re noticeable but- the reality is- I’ve Never had a passenger notice it.

Wheels- Some curb rash on a few.

Tires- Eh, they’re coming due. I’d say they have another 5K left on them (depending on driving style, of course.)

This car has always been dead on reliable for me- it’s treated me well. As mentioned I wouldn’t be selling it if it wasn’t for another used car coming my way. Now as it pertains to test drives: I’ve been burned, once, when a novice drove one of my manual transmission cars. To a certain extent that’s the risk a seller takes but, yeah, I’m going to want to hear you convince me you’re truly comfortable driving a stick. I will accompany the potential buyer on test drives.

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Well geez- not sure why those are upside down. I'll try to fix!

EDIT: Sorry gang- tried flipping them on my PC, saved, re-posted, and still upside down. Please open the pics on your machine and flip, and sorry for the inconvenience!
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