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My 2005 S60 2.5 awd seems to have the rear diff always engaged. I first noticed it when attempting a tight u-turn. One rear tire skidded along like a 4wd truck that was bound up on dry pavement. We put it up on the lift and with the transmission in neutral we turned both rear wheels in the same direction. This resulted in the driveshaft turning. This shouldn't happen because the haldex only engages when needed and the car was off.

A little back story on the car. It has 74000 miles and appears to have been very well maintained. I bought it from a Copart auction and it needed a front bumper, crash bar, and one headlight. No hood or fender damage but the right frame rail neede a little pull. I don't think the awd issue has anything to do with the collision damage.

My mechanic is a Volvo specialist with quite a few years of experience. He hasn't seen this issue before. Vida didn't have any codes.

Any ideas?
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