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apologies for the long winded post but I want to try and get everything in so someone may be able to give me an answer as I'm starting to loose the head with this car.

I have bought this 05 2.0d sport se s40 a few months ago privately. The previous owner had it from new and when I bought it it was in showroom condition. Well so I thought.
Anyway, got it home and brought it for a service only to see that the egr valve was not plugged in. I don't know how I missed this on initial inspection during purchase. Plugged it in and the car just chugged up the road and when I went into motorway the message " engine system service required" came up on dash and car went into limp mode. This was plugged into the diagnostics computer in Volvo and cleared but came straight back on when I was down the road.

So as it stands I've had it in a local garage with no success so I thought I'd cut the middle man and go straight to Volvo. Surely they must know how to fix this. I looked over recent work done on receipts and seen there was a lot of work done on this car. Mainly a new altanator, egr valve, turbo, pads, discs, and other things I can't remember off hand.
The 1st Volvo dealer thought it was the egr valve so as it was on the car less than a year I went to the second dealer as they were the ones put it on. They striped the car and replaced with brand new valve and in the process they cracked the egr cooler. 6 hours later I was leaving them worse off and with a whistle coming from the cooler. So I replaced the cooler myself with a new genuine part for a massive fraction of their cost.

Done a bit of research myself and a lot of the solutions seems to be dpf problems. So tonight I went a and got a dpf clean which failed, the car is still chugging, maybe it's my imagination but it doesn't seem as much as previously. Mechanic says he needs the day to examine the car thoroughly but of course labour alone can be steep
On the other hand when the egr valve is disconnected the car drives fine but the mpg is not great on the pocket.

Has anyone git the solution for this or been in the same position?
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