Hello Everybody. I have a nice XC90 T6. It has a professionally rebuilt and upgraded with the stiffer springs transmission in it from A+B Transmissions in Langley. It still has 2 years left on the warranty. The car runs, drives and stops very well. The drivetrain is solid. I had the diffs serviced and I put in a new yaw rate sensor. See attached video taken 3 weeks ago... The vehicle rolls really nice and it has tons of power. see this video from 3 weeks ago . Rocky hill climb

The truck still needs some work. It does NOT leak or burn oil or coolant. It needs a major tuneup and an AC recharge. It needs a new condenser which I am including. I have a brand new one in the box. It needs new rear sway bar links and it does have some clunking in the front end. All cureable.

The problem with these vehicles. I have figured out is that they overheat and it affects everything. The engine is so strong that it can overheat to a very high degree without busting but it will get cranky. I cured this by putting in a manual fan controller. The computer does not do a very good job of keeping the engine cool . The signal line that turns on the fan controller is too weak. The cooling system is designed for the little 5 cylinder. This is a twin turbo 6 cylinder and it kicks out the heat like crazy. In addition the intercooler is mounted in front of the rad so it needs constant air flow to keep the intake temperature in line. The vehicle needs a high performance cooling system but it works fine for now with the manual controller. When you hit the gas on this thing it goes like stink. You have to be really careful with the throttle. It has 280 HP.

It has a brand new set of Toyo All terrain tires which are the exact factory size for the Truck. It has really good traction in mud and snow. It is beautiful on the highway. IT comes with a brand new set of Key fobs that need to be programmed in.

I have done a lot of work on this truck to get it up to where it is. It had many little gremlins that I have hunted down and fixed. The car comes with an icarsoft 3.3 Volvo Scanner with is very handy.

Good Stuff.
Rebuilt/upgraded Transmission (2 years warranty left). New: Toyo All Terrain tires (exact factory size)Tires, muffler, serpentine belt, battery, wiper motor, wiper switch, wiper relays, front brakes, ebrakes, fuel filter, front sway bar links, brake booster switch, oil change, tranny fluid, plugs, mass airflow sensor, lower and upper engine mounts, heavy duty crossbar mounts, upper and lower tie rod ends. New rear glass. Shocks and springs are good, Alignment/balance is good, locking gas cap, new cabin filter, all the fluids are clean. This vehicle has had a lot of work done to it in the last year. Also: Important to note that parts are surprisingly cheap and readily available from Volvo Online.

This is originally an American vehicle it has 145,000 miles. The body is nice and straight the paint is nice. The interior needs a really good cleanup. The ECU and CEM are fine. All the lights signals windows and wipers work fine. I had a problem with the wipers. It was a corroded plug. There are 2 videos on fixing that plug and the drintubes from the sunroof that caused the problem. WIPER FIX 1 WIPER FIX2
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