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It's time to sell another of my V70Rs.

Link to ad with pictures: https://limaohio.craigslist.org/cto/d/bluffton-2004-volvo-v70r/6856406127.html

Price- $3,300

Volvo V70R
300 Hp stock with AWD
Factory Brembo 4 piston brakes
Factory Nav
Electronic adjustable 4c suspension
IPD cat back exhaust
VIVA front mount intercooler
IPD rear track spec sway bar
European Focus RS oil cooler upgrade
Upgraded to 18" pegasus wheels with good continental tires

No rust

Pcv system has been replaced.
Front suspension has been gone through and replaced.
All fluids have been changed (trans, angle gear, diff, coolant, oil)
B4 servo on trans has been updated.
Timing belt has been replaced.

Car starts right up and rubs great. Plenty of power and cruises smoothly on the highway.

I've basically got this car priced slightly less than what I could part it out for without too much effort.

The car does have a few quirks.
4c sometimes throws a suspension code but turns off when car is restarted.
Drivers front door window has a small crack in the bottom but it isn't in the sightline of the driver, doesn't leak and hasn't gotten any worse so I haven't bothered with it.
Also as is somewhat common with this year transmission it occasionally has shift flares when shifting. The trans fluid has been flushed and the b4 servo update preformed. I've driven it as is on several longer trips as is. It has not gotten any worse and does not slip and I fully trust it but I just want to be upfront with any potential buyer.

You can call or text me at 419-788-5577.

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