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Hey guys....I was hoping I wouldn't have to sell her, but the time has come. The car is a 2004 V70R Automatic with 107k on it. Black exterior with Tan interior. I bought it with 90k on it from the 2nd owner, who was a female and owned the car since 40,000 miles. Since then I have done timing belt, serpentine, water pump, coil packs, plugs, rotors, pads, fuel filterand new OEM front struts. The car runs awesome, and I've done a few mods including k&n drop in, IPD downpipe, and custom 3" cat back exhaust with Magnaflow Resonater and Magnaflow Muffler.

I really love this car, but I drive about 6-700 miles a week for work, and my work will not be covering gas in a few months...so I'm looking to get into something a little more economical....BUT I love the spacious v70. So I'd be willing to trade for a regular V70 non R model.

Sale Price $13,900. I'd prefer to trade though.
Please shoot me a call; car is located in Hermosa Beach CA ( about 10 mins from LAX )

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