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(SOLD) 2004 V70R 6MT, Titanium/Nordkap, 220,750 miles (Rockland, ME), $6,500 OBRO


Please excuse that some of the language is a little over the top. It comes from my craigslist ad. I realize that the swedespeed audience knows most to all of this, and probably much more than I about these cars and that superlatives aren't really necessary in this forum.

FOR SALE - 2004 Volvo V70R - $6,500 OBRO
VIN # YV1SJ52Y942414842

• 6 speed manual transmission
• 300 hp @ 5,250 rpm
• 295 ft/lb torque @ 1,950 rpm
• 4C Active suspension
• 221,750 miles - this will go up a little over time for test drives and the occasional spin for my own enjoyment.
• Titanium Grey exterior
• Nordkap (dark blue) interior
• Power windows, door locks, heated front seats, sunroof
• Aftermarket Kenwood head unit with AUX cord connection for phone connectivity

The Good:
• This is a manual transmission, all wheel drive wagon that was rated when new at 300 hp and 295 ft/lb torque! I know I already noted that above, but it’s really cool.
• This car is RARE: I believe that only 3,400 V70R Volvos were produced, and only approximately 1,500 to 1700 were produced with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION
• Fast: 0 – 60 mph time of 5.9 seconds when new.
• Completely stock, unmolested, not modified
• Runs and drives well
• Interior and exterior in good condition
• All service records from 80,000 miles
• Previous owner stated he did all of his own oil changes every 5k miles (no receipts)
• Two complete sets of tires and wheels:
• 1 set (4 wheels) scratched, curbed stock 17” Volvo OEM Pegasus rims
• 1 set (4 tires) Goodyear F1 tires with very low miles (see pictures) mounted on the older Pegasus rims described above.
• 1 set (4 wheels) very good condition stock 17” Volvo OEM Pegasus rims with no tires mounted. These have just a couple of small scratches, and one has a small bend/dent in the
back-side bead edge. I believe this to be a repairable rim (see picture V110, and V111).
• 1 set (5 tires) General Altimax Arctic snow tires – one is brand new, never used; one is nearly new with fewer than 500 miles; two have been used for one season; one is older and is
good for a spare.
• AC blows cold and heat blows hot
• Sunroof works as it should
• Clutch feels solid in spite of age/mileage
• With the exception of the driver’s seat, the leather seating surfaces are all in good condition. The driver’s seats in these cars are notorious for the leather wearing and the seams
• My mechanic is a Volvo trained and certified repair technician who used to work at a dealer. He now operates his own shop. He is available to speak with prospective buyers about
the vehicle.

Highlights of work/maintenance within past 5 years:
• VVT hub/coupling
• Timing belt
• 3 out of 4 wheel-bearings (as needed)
• New front 4C struts
• New OEM downpipe and catalytic converter with O2 sensor
• New OEM throttle body
• New coils/plugs
• Oil service every 5,000 miles
• New replacement (aftermarket) glass headlight lenses
• OEM replacement front 4C struts
• OEM replacement downpipe, catalytic converter, O2 sensors
• OEM replacement spark plugs and coils
• OEM throttle body
• OEM 4C suspension module replaced with used part
• New radiator
•. New ABS module
•. New reverse light switch
•. Replaced (used) gas cap and (new) hinge assemble

The Not So Good:

4C suspension module is throwing a “Chassis Service Settings Required” error code. The used replacement SUM for the 4C suspension system is the correct part number, but the software currently loaded on the SUM is not correct. Therefore, the 4C active suspension settings do not change in response to selecting the Comfort/Sport/Advanced settings. The suspension still feels taut, much like the “Comfort” 4C setting. It just does not change to the stiffer, more performance-oriented settings. I believe that the SUM is working and that the issue is with the software. The indicator lights on the 4C selector buttons light up when selected. My proposal to fix this is issue is as follows: If the buyer so desires, I will pay my mechanic to attempt to load the Volvo factory software into the SUM after the close of a sale on the vehicle. Or I will reduce the agreed upon sale price by some agreed upon amount to cover this expense. My independent mechanic, Expert Volvo of Lisbon Falls, Maine, has indicated to me that this will be approximately $300 for him to activate his Volvo VIDA/DICE account, pay for and download the software, and his time to do so with any diagnostics. I have not done this yet, because if the buyer decides to have me do this, since there is no guarantee that it will work, though it should. The buyer may at their own expense decide to have a new OEM SUM on hand in order not to incur the $300 charge more than once. My mechanic would make these arrangements to have the OEM SUM on hand, and the invoice for this work would need to be paid, as stated above, with me paying for the software load, and the new owner paying for the SUM module. If it works to install the software in the installed SUM, the new OEM SUM will be returned and there will be no charge for this item. If the new SUM is required, that cost will be the responsibility of the buyer. New OEM SUM modules can be purchased from FCP Euro for $465. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-electronic-suspension-control-module-s60-30739073#fitment

Other things in the Not So Good category:

• Driver’s side window will not stay up/closed when activated with the automatic up function. It works with the manual power up/down selection. I have tried the pull the fuse method
detailed in the forums and cannot get it to work.
• Driver’s side seat heater does not work. I believe this to be a broken heating element because the seat heater switch appears to work correctly.
• Driver’s side seat cushion and back are torn/worn with splitting seams.
• Rear bumper cover is cracked near driver’s side tail light - see photos
• Bottom of front bumper cover is scratched and scraped. We “fixed” the bumper cover sag that is so common on these vehicles by using a short aluminum “L” profile bar and pop
rivets. Yes, I drilled holes in the underside of the bumper cover to attach the bar. It is not really noticeable unless you crawl under the car, and the only other option was to replace
the bumper cover.
• Various rubber window moldings are dried and cracked. See pictures.
• Various exterior dings, scratches, surface blemishes

Other things to know:
• Please know how to drive a manual transmission if you plan to test drive my vehicle. I am VERY serious about this point. I will not let you drive this car if you aren't already a
very competent driver of manual transmission vehicles. I will accompany any test drives.
• Original clutch that still feels strong with no slippage
• Older brake pads and rotors with good stopping power
• Exterior shows various dings and scratches all around, though I think it is far better than one would expect from a vehicle with over 220,000 miles
• The only body rust is two small spots on the trailing edge of the passenger-side doors (see photos V68, V69)
• Undercarriage rust seems to be primarily surface rust. I was going to pressure wash and apply Fluid-Film, but wanted the new owner to see what it looked like untreated. In
associated picture (in imgur album) the underbody drainage/relief hole is deformed and shows surface rust. This is from a good Samaritan who helped my wife change a flat
tire. They put the factory jack in that hole to jack up the car and it bent the underbody metal.
• Interior shows wear with a few spots of broken plastic trim, notably on the back of the back seat, the cargo tray under the rear deck, the battery box, and while I am at it there
is a broken plastic cover under the hood (see picture)
• Fog lights and headlight wipers have been removed and are not available. I covered the headlight wiper recesses in the bumper with matte black bumper wrap that is easily
removed (see pictures)
• This car DOES NOT have the 3rd row seat
• This car DOES have 2nd row booster seats
• The front wheel wells show rub marks from the wheel rub
• The undercarriage shield is in present but has some cracks
• The hood insulation has been removed because it was degrading and pulling away from the connection points.

• Cold start video here: https://vimeo.com/357841413
• Lots of additional photos here: https://imgur.com/gallery/9yRfveV

We purchased this car with approximately 175,000 miles on it. I am the third owner. I believe it was originally a Volvo “Executive” vehicle, which I think means it was used by some Volvo corporate big wig for a while from new. My recollection is that when I took it to the Volvo dealer for the work noted on the invoice from 9/17/14, they saw the “Executive” notation in their database. I bought it from the second owner who was an engineer, and seemed to have maintained it meticulously from 80,000 to when I purchased it. I have no records prior to 80,000 miles. I have not replaced the clutch, the brakes, or the various subframe bushings. The vehicle has a current Maine state inspection that is good until January, 2020. It has been a fun car to own and drive and maintain as a daily driver and father and son project. We are selling this rare, fun, very cool vehicle so we can buy something newer for my son’s college travels. It is a great looking automobile, while still being a sleeper that surprises those who do not know what it is. For those who do know, it always impresses and turns heads.

For what it is worth, I hope that I am sort of underselling the car, in that I have tried to list everything I know of that might make a prospective buyer ask why didn't he tell me this? What I mean by this is that I don’t want anyone to be surprised when they come look at it after talking with me and looking at the pictures. It really is a fantastic car, as is well known on this forum. I just want to be as transparent as possible. Regarding the SUM module, what I have proposed is just that, a proposal for addressing the situation. I would be fine with simply adjusting the price of the vehicle and leaving it to the buyer to handle the issue. I do think that my proposal a good one, but I’m ok with handling it differently.

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