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I am finally getting ready to sell my S60R (manual transmission) after owning for just over 5 years. It now has just under 139,000 miles and runs flawlessly, would not hesitate to take it anywhere. Reason for sale is I have bought a truck and don't need 3 vehicles. All maintenance has been done, and is needing nothing and has nothing in the foreseeable future it will be needing other than routine maintenance. Paint is average, but looks fine from 5-10 feet as can be expected a car this age (i.e. little dents/scratches across body, nothing major). Interior is better than most this year with just some slight fading on the leather, but to me is pretty good.

Over the last couple years I wanted to get a stage 2 tune and slowly added parts, such as larger turbo intake, intercooler (do88) and 3" downpipe (OBX catless). earlier this year when I decided to get ready to sell, I didn't want all that to go to waste and got Hilton stage 2 tune to enjoy for a few months before I sold it. I've probably put less than 1,000 miles on it with the tune as I don't drive it very often, but feels great and has no issues at all with tune/engine/etc. Recent maintenance includes having clutch done a couple thousand miles ago, new front control arms and outer tie rods, brake pads and rotors (still have oem rotors in good shape it will come with), new spark plugs, endlinks, just did oil change. When clutch was performed, they also recommended doing collar sleeve for angle gear and I did that too. Adaptive suspension works great, no leaks in any of the shocks, I am not sure if they were done before I got it (at around 90,000 miles) but they have no need for replacement. Boost holds solid 20psi, no hesitation/boost leaks.

Edit: alarm module notice comes on, has been on for years. In first year of ownership battery completely died and was left for a couple days which is what I think caused this issue, never bothered to try to fix.

Only mods have been: turbo intake, do88 intercooler, OBX stainless downpipe, upper rear chassis brace (in trunk), strut brace, IPD rear sway bar upgrade, boost gauge, GROM unit attached to radio, Contrast stage 2 tune (with file for doing smog with OEM downpipe).

I am in no rush to sell, not looking to dump for cheap just to get rid of it. I will not be shipping vehicle, accepting payments, etc., only interested in someone able to come see car in person and pay with cash/ loan/ other verifiable source of funds.

You may call/text me at 559-273-2363 for additional info/pictures.

Price: $6500 obo

Car is located in Roseville, CA.

I've tried over and over for hosting pics, not working, here is a Link for a shared album.

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