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2004 s60r Motor and tranni w/ 100k

super clean and runs perfect ( this was my daily driver and i did EVERYTHING as far as maitinance you can do )

- always changed oil with synthetic every 2500-3000
- new plugs
- timing belt was done 500 miles ago
- serviced the angle gear
- did the weird fluid on the halidex thingy ( dont have that pic yet )
- serviced the tranni ( full deal )
- always did software upgrades and whatever else was needed not that that matters for the parts

what i have:
- 2004 s60r motor w/ 100k
- transmission 5 speed auto
- angle gear
- helidex rear thing (haledex who knows :facepalm:)
- intake manifold
- exhaust manifold
- turbo and valve
- down pipe
- coil packs
- starter
- fuel rail ( green injectors )
- pully tentioner?
- control arms (F&R)
- abs modual
-sum modual
ect ect ect

the transmission shifted perfect and i never seemed to have a singe problem. at one point i thought there was something wrong because when i put the car in gear it would make a clinking sound from park into drive,so i had a full tranni service done (for no reason really) It ended up being my axles :( so its nice.. its a automatic btw . the motor ran perfect and was getting sweet gas milage ( 24-27) if i was light on the gas ...always ran primeum gas .. this thing hauled the mail too .. i got on it a handfull of times and she pulls super hard ( even up the steep mountin to go snowboarding)

not gonna toss up a bunch of prices .....email me and we can figure it out.. i have a freight shipping account so i can ship the crap for a good price in the country.

[email protected] :thumbup:

:Dlink to the part pictures here: http://photobucket.com/s60r_motor


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Would luv to have this in my V70XC if only it is in the same country.

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Wow! Good luck with the sale.
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