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2004 S60R GT Titanium/Nordkap 84k miles - $5,500

Selling my 04 S60R. I bought the car about 4 years ago and have added about 23k miles. I have three cars and only drive about 10k miles/year so I'm considering thinning the herd a bit. The car is a 2004 S60R GT automatic with Titanium Grey exterior/Nordkap interior. Just hit 84k miles. It has an Evolve 3" catback exhaust and an Elevate intake. Taillights have been updated to the newer "jewled" lights. Volvo logo on the trunk was also replaced with the updated wider set letters. It also has a Grom bluetooth adapter that works great. No other modifications to my knowledge.
Most recently, in June, I had about $6k of work done at McDonald Volvo in Denver. This includes: new 4C shocks and struts at all 4 corners, new drivers side front accelerometer, new rear toe stays, an alignment, and 4 new Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires. The timing belt was replaced at 77k miles in March 2018. At 76k, the angle gear was resealed, engine mounts were replaced, sway bar end links were replaced, and the upper engine torque mount was replaced. At 80k, the driveshaft was replaced, the radiator was replaced, and the passenger front window regulator was replaced. All in all, I have about $12k or so in receipts for work done that was not regular maintenance.

Now for the negatives: The parking brake shoes blew up about 2 years ago, and I opted not to have this repaired. So the parking brake does not work. Everything has been cleared out to make sure nothing is dragging or affecting drive-ability. The car was also hit by hail about 3 years ago. I replaced the windshield, drip molding, trunk, and hood, but there are still hail dents elsewhere. And finally, the final exhaust hanger broke off of the exhaust. So the end of the exhaust has a patch and is held up by some wire. This solution has worked well so far, but it may need to be repaired at some point.

Bottom line, this car is extremely solid mechanically. What I consider the big 3 problems with this car (4C, angle gear, timing belt) have all been addressed recently. Obviously it's not perfect cosmetically, but I have taken steps to mitigate the results of the hail damage. Asking $5,500. Located in Denver. Note that the pictures were taken before the trunk was replaced, I will try to get pictures with the new trunk lid ASAP.

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