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2004 S60R GT for sale - DC

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2004 Volvo S60R AWD - $15,500 OBO
Metallic Grey exterior/Gobi interior
49,800 miles
17" set of Pegasus rims with all-season tires (one extra with rim scrapes)
Sunroof, premium sound, back-up radar
Always serviced at dealer or Volvo specialist (Auto Scandia)

Here is the Cars.com ad: http://www.cars.com/go/search/...=true

I am downsizing to two cars, the Volvo is the third.

Please PM or email me for pics and more info if you are interested.

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Re: 2004 S60R GT for sale - DC (Flash)

No heated seats in VA?
Re: 2004 S60R GT for sale - DC (JRL)

Never had them so I didn't know what I was missing. Plus, they help wake me up!
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Re: 2004 S60R GT for sale - DC (Flash)

Here are some pictures:

Please let me know if you would like to see anymore!

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Re: 2004 S60R GT for sale - DC (Flash)

Dropping the price to $14,950. I just had it checked out at the local Volvo specialist and she is in good shape, I also got a Virginia safety inspection done.
Re: 2004 S60R GT for sale - DC (Flash)

If anyone long distance needs a local inspection done, there are several members in the area who would help out with that.

Good luck!
Re: 2004 S60R GT for sale - DC (Needsdecaf)

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