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Quote, originally posted by BryanR »
Cars stock right now. I bought it about a month ago.
Nice. were do they meet.
Very cool. Im about 10 minutes away from Bryant right at the end of 116.

We have random meets, we're going to have a lot in the summer. We mostly have them in the Boston area. There is a National Volvo meet in Ipswich coming up.

National Meet - http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=115448

Also, there is a annual meet that's a ton of fun, where we have a BBQ, it's in CT, and we usually get a bunch of guys to cruise down. Here's the link. http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=119293

Chris (p0cket penguins, on SS) is a guy you should get to know, he's basically the leader, and sets everything up.
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