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Hello all,

Due to some financial crunching I think I need to get rid of my toy for now. It is a 2004 TI-Grey with nordkap interior. Right now it has 82,874 miles and I drive less than 2 miles to work everyday, so it won't be jumping any higher in the next few weeks.

Lets see it has had the 75K service, 18 pegs with summer, and 17 pegs with winter tires. Both sets of tires are in good shape for another season or two. 6spd, no navy, no kit..

It has a small door ding on drivers rear door, did not chip the paint. Leather is in great condition with a small exception of the drivers seat is beginning to unthread by a joint near the drivers left elbow. If I can't find a quick buyer i'll just be restitching this.

Car has been great to me. I just don't really NEED a car in Boston.

Okay here is the caveat. I still owe just over 13k on it.. so I am not entirely sure how transition of ownership would work. I would imagine together we would work with my Bank, You pay the selling price, and i cough off the remainder to pay off the loan. Feel free to hyjack this thread or PM me if you know how this works?

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