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Re: (Turb04S60)

I had similar problems at one point. This *can* be a computer problem. The ECU (engine control unit) can be dead, or it can also be the BCM or BCU (brake control module/unit), or possibly another unit which the ECU "tests" before it lets the car run properly.

It can also be the car's computer network itself failing. The network is just a bunch of connections between these various computer modules, but if the modules fail to communicate with each other properly they sometimes just give up and switch the car off. I had to have all the modules on my car unplugged and have the pins "cleaned", as the dealer claimed that corrosion buildup on the pins was causing network interference. Not sure about this, but the problem hasn't re-occurred since.

I also got an engine warning light because the thermostat was sticking. That was a relatively straightforward thermostat replacement, although again the software had a few hiccups before it got sorted out and accepted everything.

To some extent, cars today are over-computerized. It makes sorting out the difference between a mechanical and a computer fault more difficult. The dealer should be examining all these scenarios.
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