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Like the title says...

2004 Volvo S60 2.5T

It's black with Tan and Black leather interior, i have 80k miles on the car...with a extended factory warranty which is fully transferable. i have been diligent on the maintenance's since date of purchase (2007), it's washed ever week and waxed and detailed ever 3-4 weeks. Power seats/power windows/etc. all the bells and whistles. this car has never been modified, nor raced. all miles have been highway miles as i lived in VT, for 6 months where i spent my time traveling to and from VA, to help out my parents who are both going thought chemo treatments.

Why am i selling this car? Well, I'll be honest i probably wouldn't be as this car is absolutely amazing! but i bought it while i was married, and just like the married it's time to move on. not to mention i have 3 other cars at my disposal, so i have no need for this car. It is however my daily driver as I'm making payments on it, and don't see a point in paying for something that is just going to sit there. I'd like to see this car gone by the end of the week...so I'm willing to work with buyers.

(images to come, in the mean time e-mail me i have a tone of them)
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